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Marines are defenders of the republic and the Constitution. That is our oath, that is our purpose, that is our calling. Many are Democrats. This is the journal of one such Marine. This leatherneck's progressive perspective is as follows...

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U.S. Marine,0300 MOS,eight years in,honorably discharged,college-educated. To all the damned trolls, you better believe there are liberal Marines. Read "War Is A Racket" by 2-time Medal of Honor recipient Maj.Gen.S.D.Butler, plus Lewis B. Puller, Jr.'s "Fortunate Son" and maybe then you'll understand. Semper Fi!

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Friday, February 03, 2006

Denmark in the Crosshairs: Muslim World Calls for Revenge In Reaction to Offensive Cartoons Posted by Picasa


Blogger eric konitzer said...

As another x marine I saw things from the garrison side during the first gulf war and would like to know if think we are fighting to secure the oil to keep the oil off the market so the prices can remain high....the chaos theory, oh and if you think the proper course would have been to liberate iraq in the first gulf war???
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