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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

What's Going On: New Poll Clearly Shows That Majority of Americans Want GWB Impeached?!? Posted by Picasa
Good evening to all of those aboard the blog. I'm really busy with graduate school here on the East Coast and below the Mason-Dixon, but wanted to take time out from my studies and other escapades to put this tid-bit of political intelligence out there. Came across this information this evening while surfing the web and thought it should be brought to the readerships attention. Got this news via uruk.net and my jaw dropped: It seems as though by a margin of 50% to 44%, Americans say that President Bush should be impeached if he lied about the war in Iraq, according to a new poll. The poll was commissioned by AfterDowningStreet.org, a grassroots coalition that supports a Congressional investigation of President Bush's decision to invade Iraq in 2003. Furthermore, the poll was executed by Ipsos, the well-established and well-known non-partisan polling company. The poll interviewed 1,001 U.S. adults on October 8-9 with the following question: "If President Bush did not tell the truth about his reasons for going to war with Iraq, Congress should consider holding him accountable by impeaching him." Amazingly, the poll found that 50% agreed with the statement! Folks, this is just incredible, fascinating, mesmerizing and earth-shattering all at the same time. Now, of course there will be naysayers and minimizers out there in the blogosphere who will say this is no big deal and what do you expect after all the negative press the President and his "clown-car" Administration have been getting over the last couple of months. But, isn't that the whole mother-loving point? The negative press didn't just pop out of the ether...the negative press is based on the actions (and/or inactions!) of the President and his decrepit Administration fumbling the ball countlessly innumerable times over the course of the last eight+ weeks. The way GWB and his group have let down this country here recently (not to mention all the let-downs since "Day One" of this bogus Administration) is not only breathtaking, but damn-near unforgivable. In closing, I say if the standard for impeachment was reached by Bill Clinton's private and personal indiscretions (yes, I know the GOoPers will say the impeachment was about the President lying...but every reasonable human being knows that it wasn't about lying at all, it was about sex and getting Clinton by any means necessary), than certainly GWB has met, re-met and over-met the standards which would make him eligible for impeachment. With GOP Congressional leadership coming undone, Karl Rove standing-by to be indicted, the Republican Party as a whole unravelling and buckling over Harriet Meirs' nomination to the Supreme Court...yes indeed, it's looking more and more like the sun is finally setting on the GWB Administation and its outlandishly perverted vision for our country. Semper Fidelis


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