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Friday, October 07, 2005

"Was We Robbed" Again?: GWB Poll Numbers Don't Jibe With 2004/2005 Electoral "Victory" Posted by Picasa
Good morning to all aboard this blog. Quick post and then I'm out. Got up this morning to some stunning and (quite frankly) mind-shocking news: according to the latest CBS News poll, GWB is at an all-time low approval rating of 37%. Let me say that again, GWB is at an all-time low approval rating of 37%!!! That is the lowest ever recorded approval rating for this or ANY President in the history of this poll...lowest ever recorded by the CBS News poll!!! Folks, this is incredible...just unbelievable. Not unbelievable in the sense that it is not understandable, considering what's been going on over the last few weeks to a month (i.e., the Hurricane Katrina debacle, Iraq War going to sh*t, casualties mounting, the Tom DeLay indictment, the real possiblity of a Karl Rove indictment, gas prices through the roof, GOP on the verge civil war within its own ranks, etc, etc.) . I mean it's simply unbelievable in that these numbers are representative of someone who is an incumbent President who was "supposedly" victorious in a hotly contested Presidential election less than a year ago. But to the contrary, these numbers are more indicative of someone who the American people did not/do not want as President, instead of someone who "supposedly" was "victorious" in the hotly contested 2004 Presidential election. In short, I would argue that something foul (and I mean really foul) went down in Ohio, Election Day 2004. When integrating all of this new information with all of the old information, I have to at least entertain the possibility that maybe GWB didn't win Ohio after all...like J. Kenneth Blackwell and the rest of the Ohio GOP mafia would have us to believe. It certainly makes more sense GWB didn't actually win in 2004 when you look at these atrociously abysmal poll numbers (for him and the GOP, I might add...not for us Democrats/Progressives). These numbers just don't jibe with someone who supposedly won re-election in a hotly contested Presidential election less than one year ago. Something is going on here folks, in terms of the usurping and undermining of the vote in this country...in OUR country. Look, I know GWB didn't win in 2000 (know it, you understand?) and I'm starting to entertain the real possibility that we (as an American people) were once again hoodwinked and bamboozled in 2004 thanks to Diebold voting machines, e-voting irregularities, J. Kenneth Blackwell, and an unholy alliance between the Ohio GOP and the RNC. Something stinks and I ain't the only one smelling it...those sad, pitiful, limp-di** poll numbers attest to the fact that I'm not the only one who sees something very wrong here. Take care, keep hope alive and Semper Fidelis


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