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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Rove: The Law of Universal Reciprocity Posted by Picasa
Nice pic, courtesy of BradBlog.com...an outstanding website, just outstanding. Semper Fidelis

Hey Karl, The Ice Man Cometh: Indictment Fears and The End of Boy Genius' Pipe Dreams of a Thousand Year Right-Wing, Republican Reich Posted by Picasa
Good morning all. Quick post and then I'm out. This whole area (the D.C. Metropolitan area), especially inside the Beltway, is all abuzz over possible indictments being handed down in the near future in terms of the Valerie Plame/CIA leak investigation. Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald could drop the indictments/"legal bombs" anyday now...and the good bet is that one of those indictments will have Karl Rove's name written all over it. Oh yes, I believe we are witnessing the beginning of the end of a long and tortured career of political espionage and sabotage that goes all the way back to "drop-out" Rove's shenanigans at the RNC during the early 1970's to his principal participation in viciously smearing Governor Ann Richards (D-TX) in terms of questioning her sexuality during the 1994 Texas gubernatorial campaign to being the chief architect of the strategies and tactics that led to the hijacking of the nation during the 2000 election debacle (and perhaps even the 2004 election) and on and on. Oh yes, the chickens are certainly coming home to roost on this one! I watched an excellent Hardball piece (Chris Matthews at his "cut the b.s." best...click and see this video, it is incredible!) that clearly and succinctly put in chronological order how we got from the 2003 State of the Union Address to where we are now: i.e., SOTU 2003 where the President boldly stated Iraq was aggressively trying to manufacture nuclear weapons vis-a-vis Niger uranium (the notorious "yellow cake" we've all heard about) to columnist Robert Novak (in an effort to discredit Ambassador Joe Wilson, husband of Valerie Plame...which back-fired in a big way I might add) unwittingly "dropping massive dimes" by revealing that two senior White House officials disclosed Plame's identity as a CIA operative to him (which is a violation of Federal law under the Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1982) to now where we are all on "pins and needles" awaiting what can be described as a deluge of possible indictments on the White House via the decision of Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald (a decision/indictments that can come any day now...today, tomorrow, who knows?) that will utterly drench, soak and quite possibly wash away the GWB Administration for all intents and purposes. I'm going to close on what is sticking out in my mind: Matt Cooper's source was Karl Rove, the President's chief political advisor, chief political strategist, and Deputy White House Chief of Staff in charge of policy (and with all of those titles who knows how far and wide Rove's influence and "jurisdiction" actually stretches) and Judith "Judy" Miller's source was I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby ("I. Lewis Libby"...kinda rhymes with "G. Gordon Liddy" doesn't it...but I'll digress), the Vice-President's Chief of Staff as well as the Vice President's Assistant for National Security Affairs (and Libby's function as the VP's ANSA begs this question: in this capacity, how could Libby NOT know Valerie Plame's true status and identity?). So, this not only puts us inside the White House...it also puts us inside the West Wing and the highest echelons of the WHO (the White House Office) and the EOP (the Executive Office of the President). Nixon redux? Heck, Nixon had nothing on these suckers. Take care all and Semper Fidelis

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

An Exercise in Patience and Keeping the Faith: Gore Says No to 2008 Run, But We Loyal Democrats and Loyal Gore-ites Will Continue to Keep Hope Alive Posted by Picasa
Good evening to all of those aboard this blog. 2000 Democratic Presidential candidate Al Gore has countered recent scuttlebutt that he is preparing to enter the horde of Democratic candidates who are gearing up for a 2008 run for the Presidency of the United States. Gore so stated in Sweden today that he is not planning or intending to run for the White House in 2008. His statement, albeit expected, was nevertheless a crushing blow to alot of good people out there who had hoped Gore was "chomping at the bit" to get back into the real political arena as a potential candidate for the White House. But let me say this to all of my compatriots who find themselves sad and forlorn this evening following Al Gore's recent statement: BUCK UP...BUCK UP...BUCK UP!!! If y'all check your calendars and notice, you will see that it is only October of 2005...over two years from the beginning of the 2008 Presidential campaign. OVER TWO YEARS folks...oh so much time for a "President-in-Exile" like Al Gore ("President-in-Exile" because Gore actually won in 2000) to buck up, toughen his political skin and change his mind in terms of running in 2008. Either way, Gore in or Gore out (I would prefer Gore to be in, for the record) the Democratic Party's 2008 bench is potent, dynamic, vigorous, and looks so good. We have Hillary Clinton, Wesley Clark, John Edwards, Mark Warner, Bill Richardson, Al Sharpton (who serves as the conscience of the campaign), Evan Bayh, Russ Feingold, John Kerry, et al.; and that's just to name a few of the known quantities. In short, don't despair, who knows what the future holds. But, if I was a betting man (and I'm not), I'd have to say the odds are pretty good that Al Gore will make another run for the White House one last time in 2008. I just don't think he will be able to help himself, the quest to secure the White House is simply in his DNA...in computer parlance, it is his driver. Yes, Al Gore (regardless of what he says in Sweden OVER TWO YEARS AWAY from the beginning of the 2008 Presidential season) will, one last time, pick up the mantle of the Democratic Party and make a strong run for the White House in 2008. Again, you heard it here first...Al Gore WILL DEFINITELY run for the Presidency of the United States in 2008. You can bank on it! Semper Fidelis

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Glory Hallelujiah, Enter David Ashe: Yet Another Marine Joins the Progressive Ranks as a Democrat Posted by Picasa
Meet David Ashe, U.S. Marine, officer, veteran of the Iraq War and...by the way...a Democrat. He is running in Virginia's 2nd Congressional District race against some hapless and relatively unknown Republican. These warrior Democrats in the tradition of Smedley Butler and James Carville just keep on coming with no end in sight. The tide is turning and what poetic justice it is indeed: the very war that the Republicans couldn't wait to wage is the progenitor of those Democratic warrior candidates who will most assuredly drive the GOP from national power...maybe for a generation or more. Poetic justice in extremis that is more than welcome and long overdue. Semper Fidelis

What's Going On: New Poll Clearly Shows That Majority of Americans Want GWB Impeached?!? Posted by Picasa
Good evening to all of those aboard the blog. I'm really busy with graduate school here on the East Coast and below the Mason-Dixon, but wanted to take time out from my studies and other escapades to put this tid-bit of political intelligence out there. Came across this information this evening while surfing the web and thought it should be brought to the readerships attention. Got this news via uruk.net and my jaw dropped: It seems as though by a margin of 50% to 44%, Americans say that President Bush should be impeached if he lied about the war in Iraq, according to a new poll. The poll was commissioned by AfterDowningStreet.org, a grassroots coalition that supports a Congressional investigation of President Bush's decision to invade Iraq in 2003. Furthermore, the poll was executed by Ipsos, the well-established and well-known non-partisan polling company. The poll interviewed 1,001 U.S. adults on October 8-9 with the following question: "If President Bush did not tell the truth about his reasons for going to war with Iraq, Congress should consider holding him accountable by impeaching him." Amazingly, the poll found that 50% agreed with the statement! Folks, this is just incredible, fascinating, mesmerizing and earth-shattering all at the same time. Now, of course there will be naysayers and minimizers out there in the blogosphere who will say this is no big deal and what do you expect after all the negative press the President and his "clown-car" Administration have been getting over the last couple of months. But, isn't that the whole mother-loving point? The negative press didn't just pop out of the ether...the negative press is based on the actions (and/or inactions!) of the President and his decrepit Administration fumbling the ball countlessly innumerable times over the course of the last eight+ weeks. The way GWB and his group have let down this country here recently (not to mention all the let-downs since "Day One" of this bogus Administration) is not only breathtaking, but damn-near unforgivable. In closing, I say if the standard for impeachment was reached by Bill Clinton's private and personal indiscretions (yes, I know the GOoPers will say the impeachment was about the President lying...but every reasonable human being knows that it wasn't about lying at all, it was about sex and getting Clinton by any means necessary), than certainly GWB has met, re-met and over-met the standards which would make him eligible for impeachment. With GOP Congressional leadership coming undone, Karl Rove standing-by to be indicted, the Republican Party as a whole unravelling and buckling over Harriet Meirs' nomination to the Supreme Court...yes indeed, it's looking more and more like the sun is finally setting on the GWB Administation and its outlandishly perverted vision for our country. Semper Fidelis

Friday, October 07, 2005

Meet Staff Sergeant Jimmy Massey, USMC: Another Marine Joins the Democratic/Progressive Movement and Also Comes Clean On What's Really Going on in Iraq Posted by Picasa
Truth-teller sounds off in a big way, read his story. Semper Fidelis

Welcome Home Marines...May You Sail in More Tranquil Waters: 3/25, Ohio-based Battalion That Lost 40+ Marines KIA in Iraq, Finally Comes Home Posted by Picasa
On your feet...Stand to...Render salute...Bravo-Zulu for 3rd Battalion, 25th Marines. Semper Fi!

"Was We Robbed" Again?: GWB Poll Numbers Don't Jibe With 2004/2005 Electoral "Victory" Posted by Picasa
Good morning to all aboard this blog. Quick post and then I'm out. Got up this morning to some stunning and (quite frankly) mind-shocking news: according to the latest CBS News poll, GWB is at an all-time low approval rating of 37%. Let me say that again, GWB is at an all-time low approval rating of 37%!!! That is the lowest ever recorded approval rating for this or ANY President in the history of this poll...lowest ever recorded by the CBS News poll!!! Folks, this is incredible...just unbelievable. Not unbelievable in the sense that it is not understandable, considering what's been going on over the last few weeks to a month (i.e., the Hurricane Katrina debacle, Iraq War going to sh*t, casualties mounting, the Tom DeLay indictment, the real possiblity of a Karl Rove indictment, gas prices through the roof, GOP on the verge civil war within its own ranks, etc, etc.) . I mean it's simply unbelievable in that these numbers are representative of someone who is an incumbent President who was "supposedly" victorious in a hotly contested Presidential election less than a year ago. But to the contrary, these numbers are more indicative of someone who the American people did not/do not want as President, instead of someone who "supposedly" was "victorious" in the hotly contested 2004 Presidential election. In short, I would argue that something foul (and I mean really foul) went down in Ohio, Election Day 2004. When integrating all of this new information with all of the old information, I have to at least entertain the possibility that maybe GWB didn't win Ohio after all...like J. Kenneth Blackwell and the rest of the Ohio GOP mafia would have us to believe. It certainly makes more sense GWB didn't actually win in 2004 when you look at these atrociously abysmal poll numbers (for him and the GOP, I might add...not for us Democrats/Progressives). These numbers just don't jibe with someone who supposedly won re-election in a hotly contested Presidential election less than one year ago. Something is going on here folks, in terms of the usurping and undermining of the vote in this country...in OUR country. Look, I know GWB didn't win in 2000 (know it, you understand?) and I'm starting to entertain the real possibility that we (as an American people) were once again hoodwinked and bamboozled in 2004 thanks to Diebold voting machines, e-voting irregularities, J. Kenneth Blackwell, and an unholy alliance between the Ohio GOP and the RNC. Something stinks and I ain't the only one smelling it...those sad, pitiful, limp-di** poll numbers attest to the fact that I'm not the only one who sees something very wrong here. Take care, keep hope alive and Semper Fidelis

Monday, October 03, 2005

Tuskegee Experiment Redux: Concerns Federal Involvement in War Protesters Being Exposed to Tularemia Posted by Picasa
Greetings to all. Had to get this out there and help sound the alarm. News agencies throughout the country and around the world have picked up on a story that is sending shudders through the anti-war movement community, the "loyal opposition" community, as well as, communities made up of just plain 'ol folks who are just good, concerned citizens. In a nutshell, the anti-war protesters who congregated in Washington, DC over the weekend of 24-25 September 2005 may have been mysteriously exposed to tularemia a/k/a "rabbit fever" .This is frightening folks, or (at the very least) big-time sobering and extremely disconcerting. My primary question, who is behind this? In other words, are the forces we are arrayed against (the forces that are presently in control of the country...the Republican monolith) so ruthless as to somehow manage to use low-levels of a known biological agent in hopes of either: a) physically neutralizing the growing anti-war movement via contact and infestation with weaponized biological agents, or b) prosecuting psychological operations/warfare ("psy-ops" in military parlance) against the Left in order to scare the bejeezus out of anyone even thinking of attending an anti-war rally anytime soon, anywhere in the country (let alone in the nations capital)?!? I think these are legitimate questions that demand to be not only posed, but answered for the sake of the Republic. In short, is this "tularemia scare" the result of natural phenomena, i.e., so many protesters feet kicking up so much dust as to get the tularemia (which is found in soil) airborne; or are there more sinister possibilities and mechanisms behind this highly unusual occurrence, i.e., rogue elements (or, perhaps, not so rogue elements) within federal government circles perpetuating an "operation of a biological nature" against elements within the anti-war movement ("elements" means the good people who actually make up the anti-war movement). Again, these questions must be addressed and (at some point in the near future) answered. Take care and don't let them scare us off...we will be victorious. They know they are on the ropes and that the American people have just about had enough of the whole situation. As was the battle cry of years before, we ain't going to let nobody turn us around...not scare tactics...not bullying...not even tularemia. No, this movement cannot be stopped...scare tactics will not stop the momentum coming from this ground-swell orchestrated by the American people. Hang in there and Semper Fidelis

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Power to the People...It's Time to Ante Up and Kick In! Posted by Picasa
You have to check this post-Katrina lyrical analysis out...pretty amazing. It's the first real protest song/social message I've heard out of the hip-hop community in years. Profound and powerful. This is along the lines of what is called prophetic hip-hop as opposed to Constantinian hip-hop. Listen and ponder all of the social implications...there is still a battle to be fought and a war to be won on the homefront! The struggle for social justice and the quelling of social injustice goes on. Take care all and Semper Fidelis

We Can Win Again Posted by Picasa

"Big Dog" Glory Days, A Party's Resurrection and Upcoming Elections: We Can Win Again! Posted by Picasa
Morning to all aboard the blog. So much has gone on and is going on. Tom DeLay indicted (woo-hoo!), Republican-led government's anemic response to Katrina and the ensuing debacle, GWB's numbers plunging in the polls or (at least) lingering in the political danger-zone, Republican Party knocked back on their heels and reeling, President Carter sounding-off at American University (www.american.edu) and saying that "(quote) the nation failed abysmally in 2000" and that Al Gore was the actual winner of the 2000 election, Senate Majority Leader Frist underfire and under the SEC's microscope for possible insider-training/financial malfeasance, GOP leaders and strategists scrambling to pull out of what can only be described as a political nose-dive, etc, etc, etc. Sorry if I seem too overjoyed over the GOP's political problems, but the GOP is "hazardous to the Republic's health" and as soon as they are swept from the main bastions of politcal power (let's hope sooner, than later) the better it will be for our country. If this momentum continues, I don't think it's in any way hyperbolic to say that the upcoming elections of 2006/2008 will be the Democrats to lose...it seems like the GOP has reached "terminal blotation", "jumped the shark" and heading towards self-destruction. Of course, we can't count the GOP out if we are true students of history (both political and military...there are just too many examples of political and martial entities being counted out, only to come back with a vengeance and claim victory, i.e., Union forces floundering from loss to loss pre-1863 only to finally get their stuff together around mid-late 1863 and go on and defeat Confederate forces in 1865 and Richard Nixon's punishing defeats in the 1960 Presidential elections and 1962 California Gubernatorial election only to go on and win the American Presidency in 1968 ). All I'm saying is it seems as though the political trajectory is changing, the worm is turning and things are looking better for Democrats/Liberals/Progressives in the good ol' United States of America! "Republican-fatigue" has either set-in or is setting-in, either way now is the time to advance and go on the offensive...and I'm not just talking about the political big wigs...all Democrats, all Progressives, all Liberals must do their part (even if it's only rhetorical/verbal) to advance the cause! Take care all and Semper Fidelis