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Marines are defenders of the republic and the Constitution. That is our oath, that is our purpose, that is our calling. Many are Democrats. This is the journal of one such Marine. This leatherneck's progressive perspective is as follows...

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Friday, September 09, 2005

Democrats Are Looking Better and Better: America In Desperate Need of Real Leadership Posted by Picasa
Hi everybody...the Eagle has landed here at graduate school. So much has happened over the last few weeks ranging from the devastation that was (and continues to be) Hurricane Katrina to me and a good friend traveling to Crawford, Texas to visit the Peace House ( http://www.crawfordpeacehouse.org/) and Cindy Sheehan's effort to expose the fraud that is the war in Iraq before I shoved off for the eastern seaboard and school. So much is going on (like me trying to keep up with the fast pace of grad school...it is intense!) that I will have to make another post which will allow me to delve more in depth concerning current events and their implications in terms of the future of the republic and the health and well-being of our nation. Take care all. Semper Fidelis


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Blogger gr said...

Nice motives, not reality based in this day and age. You need to live under a Democrat Party controlled and managed state for a while waving good buy to any business owner with a nickles worth of brains, and then tell me that JFK would recognize what his party has become and I'll send over the Easter Bunny and Santa Clause on my private jet!

11:22 AM  
Blogger NoTONoEagles said...

Help Mommy, there are Liberals! underneath my bed!!! (No, seriously, that's the name of the book...) Don't believe me? The dang thing's on Amazon, not some hippie-press bullcrap ;) Anyway, thought you might enjoy, pinko ;)

7:20 AM  

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