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Friday, July 22, 2005

Political Ranks Continue to Swell with Progressive Marines: Iraq War/Marine Veteran Runs for Congressional Seat as Democrat Posted by Picasa
Greetings to all aboard the blog. This is truly a good morning. Just got wind of this story via 'The Raw Story', an outstanding website that is both refreshing and insightful (www.rawstory.com). See, this is what I'm talking about...we're reaching a tipping point here folks...a tipping point where the American people are finally beginning to wake up from their collective slumber and critically reassess the current Administation, the neoconservative agenda and the Republican Party's lackluster idea of American government as a whole (http://www.cnn.com/2005/POLITICS/06/20/poll/). Here is a snippet from the Yahoo/AP News piece on Hackett written by 'Associated Press' writer Dan Sewell found on the 'Raw Story' site:

"SEAMAN, Ohio - A few months ago, Paul Hackett was flushing out insurgents and avoiding ambushes in Fallujah, Ramadi and other hotspots in Iraq. Today, the Marine is trying to round up votes in small southern Ohio towns like this one. Hackett, a Democrat, is running in a special election Aug. 2 in a bid to become the first Iraq war veteran elected to Congress".

So, Major Paul Hackett, a United States Marine field grade officer and veteran of the war in Iraq, is running for the House of Representatives by way of Ohio's 2nd Congressional District (www.hackettforcongress.com). Now, we all know about Ohio and what Ohio represents (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ohio) ...if Kerry/Edwards had won Ohio's 21 electoral votes (which they probably did, but that's a subject for another post), we'd have an entirely different Administration in the White House right about now. Alas, we were outflanked in Ohio and lost the state...but, we'll get the bastards next time. Anyway, my point is Ohio is a tough nut to crack and Ohio's 2nd Congressional District (located in the southern portion of the state) is notoriously conservative and Republican. In fact, when he wins, Major Hackett will become the first Democrat to be elected in Ohio's 2nd District in thirty years. Again, we are reaching a tipping point where veterans are returning home from Iraq en masse and realizing that the Republican talking points being belched out incessantly from the GOP "windbag machine" are nothing more than empty rhetoric...full of volume and heat, but without any semblance of substance. Good folks, a number of Iraq War veterans are returning home (in fact, returning home as we speak) and if they didn't leave the United States as Progressives, they are certainly returning as Progressives. A large percentage of our veterans are coming back to the United States from the Iraqi desert with the stunning realization (at least for those whose eyes weren't opened before they left for southwest Asia) that the current Administration's expedition in Iraq in particular, and its foreign policy in general, is lacking at best and bankrupt at worst. Yes, bottom rail is beginning to inch its way to the top now. I love this!!! Republicans are spinning, I mean how can they square up against not only an Iraq War veteran, but also a U.S. Marine who is also a Democrat. This is like their worst nightmare. Marines who are Democrats...*gasp*...what's more, Marines who are liberals?!? I can just imagine those GOP political consultants hoping against hope that the gallant warriors returning home from Iraq, the majority of whom are regular voters and the hand full of those veterans who will be political candidates one day (maybe sooner than later, like Major Paul Hackett, www.hackettforcongress.com), would all get off the boat/airplane as loyal Republicans, in lockstep with the views and philosophies of the Republican National Committee and the current Administration. Guess again. These great veterans are returning home and beginning to understand what Shakepeare meant in 'King Lear' when he wrote (Act III, Scene 6, Lines 19-21): "He's mad that trusts in the tameness of a wolf...". In other words, it's beginning to crystalize in their minds (generally speaking) that you just can't trust those GOP bastards...they'll zap you everytime. Oh, this is awesome! Major Hackett, as stated previously, is running for Ohio's 2nd Congressional District in a special election which will be held on 2 August 2005. When Major Hackett becomes Congressman Hackett, he will be the first Iraq War veteran to become a member of Congress. His will be a strong and refreshing voice in the halls of Congress, a voice of one who has been on the ground and had the full experience of what the war in Iraq really means, not in terms of the cotton candy-like slogans, tin-plated lapel pins and magnets obnoxiously plastered all over the backends of too many lumbering SUV's, but in the more real and visceral terms of the blood being spilled, lives being lost and progress being made on the ground. Major Hackett, as Congressman Hackett, will lead his Ohio district just as he led his magnificent Marines in the field: with a strong sense of duty, responsibility, concern and compassion. You see, Major Paul Hackett not only understands in the abstract the meaning of the Marine Officer Candidates School (www.ocs.usmc.mil) motto, "Ductus Exemplo" (Latin for "Lead by Example")...he has lived it! And I have no doubt Major Hackett will continue to lead by example when he represents the good people of southern Ohio in Congress, just as he did when leading his Marines in garrison during peacetime and just as he did leading his Marines within the furnace of battle during war. Good luck Major Hackett and Semper Fidelis


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Keep an eye out for the Bulldog, too. I am also looking to get into city or state-level politics, most likely in 2008. Just not ready yet. Take it easy, ML1775.

Now, the rest of you get out and support Major Hackett!

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