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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

'Grant': An Inspirational Story That Must Be Produced and Made Into an Epic Film with Robin Williams in the Starring Role Posted by Picasa
Good morning to all those reading this blog. Will make this post quickly and then I'm out. I'm running late, been on the phone most of the morning with the VA (www.gibill.va.gov) trying to get my educational benefits squared away for graduate school (for all those not "in-the-know", I've been accepted to graduate school, just got the letter middle of last week) ...and let me tell you, dealing with the bureaucracy that is the VA is no easy task. In fact, I'm starting to break out with hives! The topic of the day concerns an idea for a movie that I've had for quite sometime. Bottom line is I want to see an epic picture about the life of Ulysses S. Grant produced in the near future and I want to see Robin Williams in the starring role. Not only is Robin Williams a great, GREAT artistic and dramatic talent whose range could certainly reach what is required to play the military savior of the Union and 18th President of the United States but he is also a dead-ringer for Grant (at least in my humble opinion). After reading Grant's memoirs a few years back (got the book as a Christmas gift, started reading it immediately and didn't finish until the May-June time frame. The book is in one of my footlockers right now, but if memory serves I believe it is a little over 770 pages...just an awesome, awesome read, http://www.mscomm.com/~ulysses/page165.html). In fact, if you look at a picture of Robin Williams and compare it to one of Grant, I'm sure you can appreciate the physical similarities vis-a-vis Grant and Williams. And, I'd also like to see Captain Dale Dye (http://www.warriorsinc.com/) in the picture as well. Captain Dye brings a wealth of knowledge and espirit de corps that would certainly help bring added flavor to a film of this magnitude. Again, someone out there please make this happen...an epic picture (on the scale of 'Lawrence of Arabia', 'Glory', 'Saving Private Ryan', etc.) that covers Grant's life from 1822 to 1885 (with the Civil War, of course, having the lion's share of the film time...or perhaps, focus the entire film on Grant's Civil War experience of 1861-1865...regardless, it would be a wonderful production). Either way, it is time (especially now, in this perilous age when we need to see great, epic films about courage, character and strength of heart) for a great movie about a great American, General Ulysses S. Grant, to be produced and put on the big screen...again, with Robin Williams in the starring role. Semper Fidelis


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Hearty Congratulations on your acceptance to graduate school.

Press on, sir!

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