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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Nuclear Terrorism: We Must Act Now to Counter the Threat Posted by Hello
Greetings. Quick post and then I have to jet. Came home to see I finally got the video I ordered from NTI about two months ago (NTI is the 'Nuclear Threat Initiative', www.nti.org) ...on second thought, I really shouldn't be complaining since the video was free. NTI is an organization I heard about while watching CNN's 'Lou Dobbs' a few months ago. It's an awesome organization made up of eggheads, supernerds and people with real pull who know what they are talking about (examples include Senators Richard Lugar and Pete Domenici, former Senator Sam Nunn, mogul and social activistTed Turner and on and on). Their primary "front-man", multi-billionare Warren Buffett, was (while I was watching the Lou Dobbs program) talking about the free DVD they had created in order to give some tangible understanding to the American people of the dire straits we are in concerning the real threat potential for a nuclearized terrorist attack. So, after watching the show, I called NTI the next day and ordered the DVD. As stated previously, I got it yesterday, watched it and was very impressed. The video, although only 45 minutes in length, was almost as penetrating (pound for pound) as 'The Day After' (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0085404/), the 1980's TV movie about nuclear war and its after-effects, in regard to its impact and scope. After the movie, there's a kind of short wrap-up with Tom Brokaw hosting and experts on the subject of nuclear terrorism discussing the film. The bottom line is I walked away from the film clearly understanding that the United States continues to be EXTREMELY vulnerable when it comes to terrorists smuggling in a nuclear device and detonating it in a major population center (i.e., Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Chicago, etc.). In fact (and in my opinion), the most frightening character in the film wasn't one of the assortment of heartless Europeans and Russians trying to ply highly-enriched uranium (HEU)/plutonium from the cold, dead fingers of the former Sovet Union (which is, for all intents and purposes, the 'Toys R Us' of quasi-weaponized or outright-weaponized nuclear material) nor was it one of the swarthy"super bad guys" running around South Africa, northern Africa and the Middle East trying to do roughly the same thing. The most frightening character was the nerdy, skinny, contemptuous and radicalized Canadian terrorist who drove a nuclear device over the Canadian-US border in a minivan heading to points unknown...very chilling. This character was thin, pasty, bitter and just oozing with contempt for the United States, Canada and (more than likely) all of Western civilization. He didn't have much dialogue (in fact, he might have had 2-3 lines), but it's "muthers" like that bastard who are the real linchpin in any endeavour to bring a nuclear device on American soil. In essence, they are flying below the radar! Yes, there are brown-skinned Middle Easterners (to be sure) who are out there wanting to do real harm and great damage to the security and citizenry of the United States, but we must also understand there are some pasty-looking white kids (both home grown and in Canada) running around with the same spirit and "warpedness" that McVeigh, Koresh and those Columbine kids embodied...and these Canadian/American white kids want to stick it to the United States in a nuclear kind of way to boot! And I believe that was the point of this character in the film, to enlighten people to this disturbing and unsettling fact. In closing, all reading this should check out NTI's website at www.nti.org , order the DVD/video and see what NTI is all about. Semper Fidelis


Blogger DBK said...

Off-topic but just read this on the Skippy the Bush Kangaroo site and thought you might be interested:

"fox news channel has signed gen. wesley clark as a military and foreign affairs analyst ... clark, briefly a candidate in the 2004 democratic primary before throwing his support behind sen. john kerry, said, "i am excited by this opportunity to ... offer my perspective to the important issues facing the united states and the global community."

11:49 AM  
Blogger CindyLueWho said...

"Pasty looking white kids"? Lol. Eh, where's the Saturday post?

5:05 PM  
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