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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A Movie I Want to See Made: 'Grant', with Robin Williams in the Lead Role Posted by Hello
Evening to all aboard the blog. This is an unusual post for me, in that it is the evening opposed to the morning. But, there was so much going on today that I was unable to post. However, there are a number of things I'd like to touch on before hitting the rack, so here it goes. First off, allow me to extend a hearty "bravo zulu"(http://www.history.navy.mil/faqs/faq101-2.htm) to newly-elected Los Angeles mayor and Progressive champion, Antonio Villaraigosa. In this rematch, Villaraigosa secured a landslide victory and now (being that he is mayor of the second largest city in the United States, as well as, being an Hispanic mayor of a major city on the national and international stage, etc, etc.) has a national stage on which to spread his Democratic/Progressive message. I will have to admit that the initial returns had me a bit worried, with Villaraigosa and his opponent, James K. Hahn, looking to be neck and neck. But, much to my delight (and many other fellow Villaraigosa supporters I would imagine), those first returns were absentee and early voting votes and once the days actual votes started to come in from the precincts, it was evident that Villaraigosa was going to have a landslide victory on his hands. Poor incumbent James K. Hahn, he now goes down as the first L.A. mayor since 1933 to be defeated in his first term (http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/wireStory?id=769133). You know, based on reports, it seems like Hahn never really connected with the city and his resounding defeat at the polls yesterday pretty much hammered that assertion home. With the finally tally being 59% to 41% (the Los Angeles electorate has most assuredly handed Antonio Villaraigosa a mandate, http://www.voanews.com/english/2005-05-18-voa54.cfm). Yes, extended congratulations to Antonio Villaraigosa and his staff are definitely in order here for executing a brilliant and successful campaign that resulted in a stunning victory. Once again, congratulations and good luck Mr. Mayor-elect Villaraigosa...like the campaign worker told Governor Jack Stanton after he was elected President in 'Primary Colors', "...now don't break our hearts". My second comment concerns the situation with the 'Newsweek' story which broke earlier in the week concerning the desecration of Muslim holy items aboard the terrorist detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and the serious consequences and implications that resulted from said incident/story. In fact, a reader of this blog (who will remain anonymous) gave me a fit because he was disappointed I didn't touch on the story and by not doing so (in his opinion) I have, by default, allied myself with the terrorists by virtue of my silence on the matter. Well, I'm very flattered and appreciative this individual is reading my blog...thanks alot. I do, however, take grievance with the accusation that, because I didn't address the 'Newsweek' situation (fast enough apparently), I am now in cahoots with the common enemies of our common country. Sir, that is a ridiculuous charge and I think most (if not all) reasonable people would dismiss such a charge as nonsensical drivle. Concerning the 'Newsweek' fiasco, let me say this: I believe, with every fibre of my being, that 'Newsweek' got the story correct and that the White House's attempt at squashing the truth (by heavily leaning and putting maximum pressure on 'Newsweek' to retract the story) is disturbing to say the very least. I'll even go you one further: the Bush, Jr. Administration, by putting the screws on 'Newsweek', is once again trying to muscle, intimidate and bully the Fourth Estate simply because it (the current Administration) cannot handle the truth. In short, the current numb-skulls running the Executive branch want everyone to be as deluded and truth-averse as they are and, like they did Dan Rather and CBS News right before the 2004 election, they are resorting to threats to have their way (although, in my opinion, Dan Rather and CBS News were also correct in their reporting). In the case of CBS News, yes, the methodology was slipshod; but, the essence of the story, i.e., that Bush, Jr. failed to fulfill his military obligation in a way that, at best, raises suspicion and at worst, may have been criminal, was right on target. Unfortunately, CBS News buckled under the massive amount of heat the White House was doling out...but again, the ESSENCE of Dan Rather's report, in terms of the current President's derelection of duty in the Texas Air National Guard, was extremely accurate and on point; and (in fact) since then, the report has been substantiated by numerous other factual accounts (http://gnn.tv/articles/111/The_Lynching_of_Dan_Rather). So, again, my assessment of the 'Newsweek' situation is: 'Newsweek', in reporting that alot of fishy stuff is going down concerning Islamic holy items being desecrated at the Gitmo terrorist detention facility, IS ACCURATE...heck, we know some funky crap is going on down there in the name of intelligence acquisition and national security. Indeed, for all of us who have served in the armed forces, we can EASILY see some enlisted (or, officer personnel for that matter) individual trying to flush a holy book down the toilet or even worse. So, yes (in my estimation), the 'Newsweek' report is accurate, the White House knows that it's true, but the White House (per their m.o./modus operandi) is desperately trying to keep the truth tamped down as much as possible. But, like Ben Bradlee and the 'Washington Post' did circa 1972/1973, it looks as though the big-wigs/editors at 'Newsweek' are "...standing by their boys..." (http://slate.msn.com/id/2107249/ and http://www.dailykos.com/story/2005/5/15/19221/4742). Good for them! My last comment concerns an idea for a movie that I've had for quite sometime. Bottom line, is I want to see an epic picture about the life of Ulysses S. Grant produced in the near future and I want to see Robin Williams in the starring role. Not only is Robin Williams a great, GREAT artistic and dramatic talent whose range could certainly reach what is required to play the military savior of the Union and 18th President of the United States but he is also a dead-ringer for Grant (at least in my humble opinion). After reading Grant's memoirs a few years back (got the book as a Christmas gift, started reading it immediately and didn't finish until the May-June time frame. The book I have is in a footlocker right now, but if memory serves I believe it is a little over 770 pages...just an awesome, awesome read, http://www.mscomm.com/~ulysses/page165.html). In fact, I sort of super-imposed their likenesses against each other so folks could appreciate the physical similarities vis-a-vis Grant and Williams. And, I'd also like to see Captain Dale Dye (www.warriorsinc.com) in the picture as well. Captain Dye brings a wealth of knowledge and espirit de corps that would certainly help bring added flavor to a film of this magnitude. Again, someone out there please make this happen...an epic picture (on the scale of 'Lawrence of Arabia', 'Glory', 'Saving Private Ryan', etc.) that covers Grant's life from 1822 to 1885 (with the Civil War, of course, having the lion's share of the film time...or perhaps, focus the entire film on Grant's Civil War experience of 1861-1865...regardless, it would be a wonderful production). Either way, it is time (especially now, in these perilous times when we need to see great, epic films about courage, character and strength of heart) for a great movie about a great American, General Ulysses S. Grant, to be produced and put on the big screen...with Robin Williams in the starring role. Semper Fidelis


Blogger Oxford said...

Good post as usual and congrats on passing the 4000 hits mark.

6:28 AM  
Blogger cookie jill said...

It's amazing that some people have just given up all logic and reason to tar and feather those of us who lean left, "in bed with the terrorists"

I have to say, of the entire whackjob family, Laura seems to have a grasp on some reality..

Newsweek magazine should not be solely blamed for deadly protests in the Middle East, the first lady said Friday

7:37 PM  
Blogger DBK said...

They have to blame someone. So they blame Newseek, or those of us who have been right from the very beginning. If they blamed the ones who have been wrong about everything evry step of the way, they'd have to admit that they were wrong themselves. That takes too much integrity.

7:46 PM  

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