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Thursday, May 26, 2005

It is Time for Democrats and Liberals to Strike Back Posted by Hello
Good morning to all of the faithful. This will be a quick post/rant and then I'm out. The photo above is of Marines learning basic fighting skills...Democrats should be learning the same thing (both figuratively and, perhaps even, literally). Be that as it may, allow me to touch on a topic that bothered me a few months ago and (surprise, surprise) continues to vex me to this very day. I have been noticing for a while now (over the last few months actually) how it seems the GOP has a new semantic strategy in that they are now referring to the Democratic Party as the "Democrat" Party. Has anyone else out there noticed this sad, fascist GOoPer attempt at doublespeak? This really came home during the "great week" when the Ohio electors were contested in Congress (thank goodness for Sen. Boxer and Rep. Tubbs-Jones, http://www.truthout.org/docs_05/010705V.shtml and http://www.afsc.org/pwork/0502/050220.htm). A number of GOoPers (both in the House and the Senate) continuously referred to the Democratic Party as the "Democrat" Party; at the time (and today, for that matter) I found this to be jarring and obnoxious and (as far as I was concerned) the last straw. Those bastards will stop and nothing to try to erode what so many have stood up for and (sadly) been felled for. It's like the GOP has been taken over by a gang of sophomoric, pubescent boys giggling and thinking of little smartass ways of operating and sniping at their opponents. So, in the great spirit of bipartisanship, I propose that all good Democrats begin referring to the Republican Party as the "Republic" Party. It certainly will take the sting out of their sad attempt at undermining what the Democratic Party is all about.This is what I'll be doing. There's a kind of justice that one feels when you say "Republic" Party for the first time. Fight fire with fire I always say. Don't kid yourselves, this is war. Heck, that's how they see it. Semper Fidelis


Blogger DBK said...

Just so you know, I can shoot, both long barrel and short, and I have a brown belt in Tae Kwon Do, the product of 2.5 years of practicing 6 days a week. I continued practicing for four years after that by myself, five days a week. I think you'll find that a lot of Democrats know how to fight. In fact, go check the service records of the chickenhawks in the administration versus those of members of Congress. The Dems who served in the military outnumber the Republicans who pretend to care about the troops by a big margin. Most of the Republicans are of the Darth Cheney variety-tough talkers, and they like to shoot little birds, but when it came their time to serve, they had "other priorities". And we won't even go into the Deserter in Chief.

But the childish language tricks are not limited to one side and are part of the little war, a side war if you will, that involves perceptions and ridicule. I no longer refer to President Horse Fluffer with any names except derogatory names. The same for Darth Cheney. I do not refer to the Republican Party, but to the Religious Extremist Party, or something along those lines. As for how the crackpots on the right refer to Democrats, that doesn't bother me. They've been playing that game a long time. It was in Reagan's time that they began to very deliberately try to make the word "liberal" into a bad word ("the 'l' word"). They nearly succeeded, and have succeeded in some places, but now we liberals are taking the name back proudly and wearing it right out front.

By the way, I am a liberal, or you can say "progressive" if you like. And a registered Democrat who participates in party activities and electioneering. And a fiscal conservative. And I don't care who knows it.

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