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Sunday, May 29, 2005

The Era of the Gut-Busting, Muther-Loving Navy War Is Over, a/k/a, Beware the Rise of the Infernal ChickenhawksPosted by Hello

A grand and glorious good morning to all aboard the blog. Today's brief topic will be on the rise of the chickenhawks, a most vile and intolerable breed of human that must be called out and pushed to the margins of society for the sake of the Republic. But, first, allow me to do some house-cleaning and post a review on the biggest story (in my opinion) of the week: King Fahd of Saudi Arabia was hospitalized (http://www.ameinfo.com/61156.html) after experiencing distress due to a serious infection in the lungs that has exacerbated the King's many other health problems...at least that's what the SPA (the Saudi Press Agency, the official press organization of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, http://www.spa.gov.sa/newsar.htm) is telling the world...who knows what's really going on in the Kingdom. Of course, oil prices (always as nervous as a chihuahua and hyper-sensitive to any disturbances in "the Force") went ape upon hearing the news of the King's health condition (http://www.earthtimes.org/articles/show/2992.html). If the King, already 82 years old and in bad health since his stroke in 1995 (upon which time, real control of the Kingdom was transferred to his half-brother, Crown Prince Abdullah. So, for all intents and purposes, although not officially stated by Saudi Arabia, Abdullah has been effectively "running the show" since 1995, http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/1894793.stm), does shuffle off of this mortal coil, than Abdullah (per the line of succession) would become king; but, alas, therein lies the rub. Abdullah himself is already 81 years old (although, there is some contention in terms of his real age, but officially, he is 81 years old), which means he won't be sitting in "the big chair" for very long. Thus, one can easily see the crux of the problem the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is facing...which is, who will lead Saudi Arabia into the 21st century and (more importantly) what philosophy/ideology will control the direction of the world's largest oil producer. In short, we are looking at the real possibility of serious domestic (as well as, international) ramifications when the time comes for the House of Saud to choose a successor to the brothers Fahd and Abdullah; and it is most certainly NOT hyperbolic to say such a transition has the potential to turn the already "egg-shell walking" Kingdom (in terms of all of its internal/domestic fissures and cracks) inside-out and upside-down. Now, with all of that said, on to the chickenhawks. A loyal reader of the blog, by the name of Maddaline, inadvertently got my mind to thinking about chickenhawks the other day. I personally find Maddaline's wit and charm refreshing and I hope she (or, perhaps he?) continues to enjoy the blog. Chickenhawks are those people that will beat the drums of war the loudest, but send others off to be severely maimed, wounded and/or killed in their stead, i.e., Dick Cheney, Trent Lott, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, etc, etc. Moreso, they tend to find shelter and a home in the ranks of the GOP. Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ, http://lautenberg.senate.gov/), a World War II veteran, has been at the forefront in terms of calling these bastards out and lambasting them on the Senate floor for all the world to see, i.e., http://www.cnn.com/2004/ALLPOLITICS/04/28/Senate.military/ (in fact, the photo above is that of Senator Lautenberg pointing at "The Chickenhawk" illustration on the easel before the United States Senate, http://www.lautenberg.senate.gov/chickenhawk.html). So, as we enter this Memorial Day holiday and as our thoughts (appropriately)
turn to those many veterans that gave what Lincoln called "...the last full measure of devotion..."
(http://www.law.ou.edu/hist/getty.html) let us also turn our collective noses up with contempt for those chickenhawks (Republicans for the most part) that will gladly beat the drums of war and rattle so many sabers; but, when the trumpet calls for battle, they are none to be seen. You know, there's another word to describe chickenhawks. In fact, this word has been bandied about and used for centuries to describe people that will call for war, but when the time comes to actually go to war, will not serve...the word is coward. Take care and remember, like the Billy Ray Cyrus song states: "...all gave some, but some gave all". Semper Fidelis


Blogger Jeri said...

Hey 1775,

It seems that the chickenhawks are flapping their tiny wings around. Case in point - an article appeared on today's front page of the Baltimore Sun about retired Lt Gen John Riggs. It seems that he was busted down by one star and retired without ceremony.

Did he do something so serious that his conduct warranted an official reprimand on his record? Nope. Instead, his demotion/forced retirement came after publicly contradicting Donald H. Rumsfeld. He stated that the Army was overstretched in Iraq and Afghanistan and needed more troops.

And then he was forced out.

You can read the whole article at the Baltimore Sun's web site.

--Christian Ready (using his wife's account)

7:49 PM  
Blogger Oxford said...

I've reached my outrage limit for the day. Help those that are suffering because of BushCo's lies:
Network for Good - a clearinghouse of organizations assisting U.S. troops overseas. Volunteer at a local VA hospital or make a donation to a non-profit organization.

11:45 PM  
Blogger DBK said...

That's MY Senator Lautenberg you cited there, LibMarine, and we here in NJ are damn proud to have him representing us.

My father received his re-issued WWII medals on Saturday. He didn't have the originals long. When he was in the harbor in New York, back from his tour in Normandy, France, and Germany, there was an announcement that the troops would be searched and any "souvenirs" would be confiscated and soldiers carrying them would be arrested. So he tossed his ditty bag overboard with his souvenirs inside (a luger and some odds and ends). His medals and awards were also in the bag. Last year he wrote to the DoD at my insistence to get them re-issued and Saturday he got them.

I am awfully proud of my old man, as you can no doubt tell. Bronze Star, he got himself. He also got a Good Conduct medal, but that has to be a mistake.

9:49 AM  
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