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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Wesley Clark, Progressivism and the Democratic Party: The Leadership and Vision For A New American Century Posted by Hello
Good morning, once again, to all aboard the blog. It's a cloudy morning here in the American Southwest, but we will push forward and make the best of it. Today's topic is the future Presidential ambition/ambitions of General Wesley Clark (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wesley_Clark) ...is he running or isn't he? First off, I'll stick my neck out and say (based on all of the political intelligence that I have absorbed, i.e, the creation of his new PAC called WesPac at http://www.securingamerica.com/) the answer is "yes, Wesley Clark is running in 2008" (more on this at http://www.dailykos.com/story/2005/4/16/23109/8313 and http://www.democrats.com/node/4306). Let me say this: I'm a Wesley Clark nut. Not just a fan, mind you...but an unabashed and unrepentant nut! So there, you know my bias and slant right off the bat. There aren't any words to express my passion for Clark/his vision and the intense loyalty I have for "The General" (who will be 62-63 years old during the campaign and 64 upon victory and inauguration; born 23 December 1944) ...there is simply no question in my military mind that he represents the kind of leadership and vision that will get us out of the monkey grass quagmire (both internationally and domestically) the current, slapstick Administration has led us into. You know, I had the pleasure of visiting Clark's campaign headquarters in Little Rock, Arkansas a couple of times during the 2004 race; in short, it was motivating and inspiring to say the very least. His headquarters was located in the old railroad station and on the banks of the Arkansas River. It was really something to see all of those cars parked out front (with license plates from around the country) in the parking lot...representative of the Americans from all over that wanted to be a part of his efforts to claim the nomination...all those folks, just pulling for him. From my standpoint (as a "junior" political scientist/B.A. in Political Science and History), Clark had the organization, the "intelligence assets" (i.e., sharp advisors, staffers, supporters, etc.) and the resources to go all the way...he was only lacking the political experience and "name-recognition" that would have catapulted him into the stratosphere and made him a cinch for the Democratic nomination. However, after coming through the 2004 Democratic primaries, he now has both of these coveted and much needed variables..."name-recognition" and experience. I read his book, 'Winning Modern War: Iraq, Terrorism and the American Empire' (http://www.thinkingpeace.com/Lib/lib028.html), during the primaries and I must report that his analysis of the present situations plaguing our American nation and (more importantly) his solutions to our current problems are both breathtaking and awe-inspiring...so clean and crisp as to blow your socks off! Moreover, he wrote a book (and this is the second book that he has written, http://www.nybooks.com/authors/9848; in addition to all the innumerable articles he has authored)...in other words, Wesley Clark is an author. Can you imagine our current President reading a book, let alone writing one? What is going on in this country? Why are we being led by the "dimmest and the dumbest" instead of the "best and the brightest"? By now, everyone knows Wesley Clark's sterling resume (i.e., first in his class at West Point, war hero, commander of victorious forces during the Kosovo campaign and on and on). Yes, and I know 2008 is a long ways off...heck, we still have to deal with the 2006 races. But, now is the time to get it together, pick sides and get focused. All indices are signaling that Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) WILL RUN in 2008 (no surprise there...you probably can take that one to the bank, http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory?id=562203) and that she already has the nomination pretty much sewn up (or, as sewn up as a Democratic Presidential nomination can be three years out). Make no mistake, I love Hillary Clinton, no question about it...she is awesome to say the very least. But, I'm hitching my wagon (once again) to Wesley Clark early...like right now. And even if he doesn't secure the nomination, Clinton/Clark would be a pretty cool ticket (but so would Clark/Clinton). But, you ask, has Clark hinted that he's even going to run in 2008? All indications are that he will in fact be running again to clinch the Democratic nomination (check out this video from Clark's recent appearance in Los Angeles, http://www.dogfight04.com/WesleyClarkSpeechOnly.mov). My sense is that once you've been bitten by the "presidential bug", it's hard to shake it off...unless you were just obliterated in the primaries or the general election (i.e., Muskie in 1972, Mondale in 1984 and Dukakis in 1988); and General Clark was certainly NOT obliterated (he won Oklahoma) and, in fact, came out of the primary experience battle-hardened and smelling like roses. Good people, be advised: I'm stoked...I'm motivated. Clark is what our party needs in the form of a presidential nominee...exuding excellence, down-to-earth, religious, Southern roots but national (indeed, international) in scope and breadth, pro-military, pro-veterans, bright, photogenic (I know that variable is shallow, but this the age of mass-media and high-definition television, so it's important) and (most important, in my opinion) he has vision and a way of communicating that vision and executing that vision in a way that is easy to understand. My goodness, the man is talking about a hundred-year vision....have you ever heard the like?!? Clark is talking about setting things up with the United States one-hundred years down the road in mind...am I the only one feeling the mojo and getting chills on this? This is what the country should have as its leader and primary representative, especially now at the beginning of a new century. Clark will not only lead through his God-given intellect, but also through his heart (remind you of anyone else, maybe a successful, two-term Democrat from the South?). Montana Governor Ben Schweitzer reinforces that very point in the 'Salon' magazine article by Tom Grieve's titled 'Life of the Party' ( http://www.salon.com/) when he observes all of our SUCCESSFUL Democratic nominees/Presidents in recent memory/modern history have been those that led with their hearts. Oh yes, a new day is coming ladies and gentleman, the sun is setting on the Republican dominance of everything...people can't afford it and are just getting sick of it. The American people know the system can't bear much more of this. DeLay is on his way out, and GOP dominance of the House is no longer a certainty (especially post-Terry Schaivo machinations and with Tom DeLay stinking up the place, etc.)...oh yes, a new day is coming. Let me put it another way: I would gladly let the Republicans hold everything for the first eight years of this new century if we Democrats can get the majority (or, all) of the remaining years. Seems like a fair trade to me, eight years for forty or fifty-plus years...seems fair enough to me. Semper Fidelis


Blogger oyster said...

I'm a fan of Wes Clark and co-managed his campaign in Louisiana. I like his resume, and think he's great when talking foreign policy. That is what animates and drives him. Domestic stuff-- less so. He's not a natural politician, and made some crippling mistakes early in his 2004 effort.

Candidly, I would love for him to run, but unless Iraq is still the #1 issue in '08, it's difficult to see a path to victory.

8:44 AM  
Blogger Oxford said...

This life boat has at least three cheerleaders for Clark in it. The only big mistake the general made was entering the race for the 2000 nomination too late. Dean and Kerry had already picked up lots of steam.
While I supported Clark, I didn't have much of a problem supporting A Navy hero Kerry; they both have very similar visions on foreign policy ( Kerry is not just knowledgeable about North Korea, he's an acknowledged expert even by the neocons. NK REALLY does have WMD that can strike Japan and California, it'd be nice to have a policy toward them developed by experts rather then the Reality Denial Crowd.
Its early yet, but wouldn't mind seeing a Clark/Kerry ticket with Howard Dean as Secretary of Education. While I like Hilary on domestic issues, she's actually a little too far right on foreign policy.

1:55 AM  

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