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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The War Continues: Draft in the Near Future A High Probability Posted by Hello
Morning to everyone aboard this man-o'-war. Feeling a bit better today after sounding off about the little girl in Florida. Got a a good PT session in yesterday as well as today, so some of the angst has dissipated (although what those folks did to that little girl was wrong). This post is a quasi-encore post about the relevance and real potential of an American draft, which is (for all intents and purposes) almost inevitable...at least as far as I can see (http://www.rockthevote.com/rtv_draft.php). As a preface, the picture above demonstrates just a fraction of what a draft means in real terms. And let's be honest, when the draft comes; and it will come, just do the math...5 wars, only three platoons left (figure of speech, we of course have more than three platoons...but not much more and certainly not the amount of forces needed to engage in todays actual and potential military activities)...huh, we need more people by gosh (http://www.house.gov/kirk/news030802_undermanned.html). The D.O.D. (the Department of Defense) is going to be looking for young folks to imitate EXACTLY what the warriors are doing in the picture above...which is lying in the prone and ready to lay down a base of fire when so ordered. Sure, D.O.D. is going to round up a few "support elements", i.e., medical personnel, computer science people, intel bubbas, etc ( http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/national/164693_draft13.html). But, they're REALLY going to be looking for young people (and the definition of young people are people between the ages of 18-35, although more than likely they'll start with people between 20-35) to serve in the "combat arms": the infantry as grunts, ground-pounders, 0311's, 11B's ("11 Bravos") or whatever you want to call them (http://www.marines.com/enlisted_marines/combatarms.asp). You see, as the photo above illustrates, the draft is going to equal young people getting muddy, grimy, wet, uncomfortable and (of course) being placed in extremely dangerous circumstances. Do you see the muddy deck with all the expended brass and the dirt on the machine-gunners face? Do you understand the look in his eye as the popped green smoke splays in the background? Do you understand that this machine-gunner (and his "A" gunner right beside him) are probably wet and uncomfortable, while at the same time sweat continues to trickle down their backs even though they already sopping wet with perspiration? This is a message to all the good folks that gave a "that a-boy" with a kindly slap on the back and a great big thumbs-up to the current Republican administration and their misguided foreign policy by voting them (and their foreign policy quagmire) back into office. This is also directed to all of those young adults out there that decided not to vote and to all the parents of those young adults that voted for Bush in those screwed-up red states (you can usually spot them driving around in their obnoxiously large SUV's covered with little yellow ribbon magnets and American flags) all I have to say is this: as a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, as a hardcore Marine and as a proud American, I don't want to hear any bitching or complaining when the draft comes down and scoops your youngin' off to fight (and possibly, as a consequence, to be gravely injured or worse) in any number of the jacked-up wars that are now on the Bush horizon. And be advised, when a draft comes, you don't have the luxury of choosing a branch to serve in (as you do in peacetime), it is CHOSEN for you (http://www.njsbf.com/njsbf/student/eagle/winter05-1.cfm). In other words, since these are essentially scheme and maneuver MOOTW's/OOTW's (Military Operations Other Than War/Operations Other Than War, http://www.thomaspmbarnett.com/pnm/glossary.htm), land assault conflicts now and to come (i.e., Iraq, quite possibly North Korea, Syria, etc.) and not surface warfare or air war evolutions...please be prepared to raise your right hand as you are pressed into service and repeat after me: "...welcome to the US Army and the US Marines boys and girls". Especially now with a fellow jarhead (General Peter Pace, http://www.dtic.mil/jcs/core/vcjcs.html) at the helm of the JCS (http://www.cnn.com/2005/POLITICS/04/22/pace.ap/) ...be advised: General Pace is an outstanding Marine with a fine reputation, but putting a Marine at the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is no mistake; although making all Marines proud, it is first and foremost a clear indication and sign of the direction this administration's military policies are headed. In short, a Marine as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs means "zeal"...razor-like zeal for victory by any means necessary; up to, and including, the reinstitution of conscription. Again, see above photo...that's what "the draft" means in plain english. Semper Fidelis


Blogger DBK said...

And when that draft comes, which I agree is inevitable, it will be the poor and middle class who get drafted, because when there is a draft, the wealthy find a way to get out of it, like Dear Leader aWol and every single member of his administration. Jenna and not-Jenna won't be drafted, but the draft will empty Bed-Stuy. A war can be a necessary action when a nation is threatened, or when an ally is threatened, or in the case of a genocide where a police action is required to stop it, but these coming Bush wars don't meet the qualifications.

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