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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Fore Shame! Posted by Hello
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Blogger idiotx said...

President Carter was the first to have a Pope in the white House. He was also President when the 2 Popes before John Paul II (Pope Paul IV 1978 and John Paul I 1978 shortly after he took over) and Carter went to neither of them. Every time he has had the world attention since 2000 he has taken the opportunity to take a dump on the US or President Bush. Jimmy Carter has done nothing but bad mouth every move the current President has made. From domestic policy, to unprecedented attacks on the President during war while giving speech's on foreign soil. At President Clinton's lowest no one attacked him on his Bosnia policy while giving a speech to US critics at a time of war. Carter has done this relentlessly. So at the very least he deserved the snub. Bush 41 despised Clinton and was nothing but respectful to him in the press. Bottom line (in my opinion) President Carter has been a relentless critic, unabashed partisan, going so far as to inject himself in affairs of the state in a partisan way that, untill President Carter, were things an Ex-President did not do. While it wasn't against the law, it definately wasn't what he should have been doing if he wanted something from him (like a seat next to him at Popes funeral). It seemed Condoleeza Rice got the seat instead. Friend versus Ex-President who trashes you to your enemies. Not hard. In the last 5 years only two American politicians had more face time on Al Jazeera than President Carter, they were Ted Kennedy and John Kerry. His (Pres. Carter) rants on Bush's war policy while in Cuba, or his domestic policy while on retreat for the UN helped secure him nobel peace prize (for his work getting North Korea to stop its budding Nuclear program??). I will say, he has been a stallwart for the hard left so I guess for that you should be proud. But alas I am afraid that President Carter would have used the forum, that world stage with all the press, to take some cheap shot at President Bush for this or for that. They (Bushies) just didn't want the hassle, and got to snub him to avoid that said hassle. A 2-fer. By snubbing him Bush looked no worse than Carter has looked trashing him for the last 5 years. You only agree with it now because you happen to agree with the his politics, or have the same Bushie for an enemy. Imagine Ex-President Bush 43 in a few years trashing President Hillary Clinton on her version of a "War on Terror". I can hear the Pundits calling the right wingers to task for savaging Madame President like that, during a time of war no less!! All that aside, I can't agree with your politics, but being a marine means you can't be all bad. So I will read your posts and comment. Fun reading for sure.

11:07 PM  
Blogger DBK said...

Any source for your claims or are you just enamored of diatribes? That bit about Al Jazeera is so stupid I can't even begin to say how stupid it is. Yes, yes I can. A) Any source for your claim about "face time" on Al Jazeera? B) Al Jazeera is actually doing a better job of covering the facts of what is going on in Iraq than the US media, but then they aren't completely and tightly controlled by right-wing publishers and owners like US media (seriously, where do you get that drivel? Fox? The Moonie Times? You need to get out more.)

I won't debate the efficacy of Bush's War on Terror. Note that Iraq was not part of any terrorist problem and move on. And where the hell are those WMDs?

Carter forged a peace agreement in the Middle East between two warring nations that has not been violated in over twenty five years. Carter tried to get this country moving on energy conservation and, if he had been heeded instead of fought every step of the way by big oil, we would not be in the mess we are in now. Drive a Hummer, feed a terrorist, pal.

As for Carter criticizing Bush's idioci...policies, that's actually legal and proper. Bush's domestic and foreign policy have left us with high unemployment, massive national debt, a vastly diminished respect in the world that makes it harder for the US to find allies on all kinds of efforts, 150,000 US service men and women stranded in the Middle East, an environment that is deteriorating very rapidly and threatening to destory life on the planet (you think I'm being unduly alarmist? Look at the satellite photos of Kilimanjaro from twenty years ago and from this year. Global warming is real and the consequences are staggering.) It just goes on and on. Not to mention that the Culture of Greed that Bush has advocated and supported his entire life is bad for all but a very few Americans. And being harmful to all but a few Americans is not what a president ought to be doing.

I'm not sure what motivates such mindless attacks on people like John Kerry, a decorated veteran who served his country honorably while George Bush was a deserter knocking back another cold one before stuffing another spoonful of Peruvian marching powder up his nose (and don't bullshit me with what Kerry said after he returned from Viet Name-he earned the right to say what he said and if you start making some of the usual ignorant claims about what he said, go to the C-Span archives and read the full text of his testimony to Congress first. I read the full text, not just cherry-picked excerpts that were put in a false context).

I could go on and on about how wrong and mean-minded you have been in your posting, but what I really recommend is that anyone tempted to find you convincing, idiotx, should just follow the links you provided to your "web site", which ultimately illustrates that you're exactly as you claim with your name.

5:37 AM  
Blogger idiotx said...

In your world I guess I am an idiot. I am absolutely sure you would like the Al jazeera coverage. Be mindful most of their coverage is telling the Arab world what savages our military are, that they are raping and pillaging Iraq, and slaughtering civilians like dogs. Then show some video footage. So if thats the view the right wing media wont show, its all yours. The amount of times they were on the channel was tongue and cheek. The fact their anti-war-anti-Bush rants were regularly used as propaganda against our troops cannot be disputed. I concede that was probably not the intentions of those Great Americans to hand our enemy that degree of propaganda, but to do it over and over again? I can sence your pay grade is way above me so if your read what I wrote, you must have noted that while I made statements you might not have liked, my criticism was above the belt and I even went so far as to capitallize their names and mostly President Whatshisname. Respectful compared to your diatribe. President Carter's Peace Plan is nicely glued together with billions a year in Aid. Money keeps the guns pointed down as far as Eygpt and Isael go, not Prsident Carter. I applaud his efforts in that respect though. Whats there to comment on as far as most of the rest goes. Every single shortcoming you accused me of you illustrated in glowing fashion. You gave tons of rhetoric that, while may be claimed as fact because you read it somewhere, doesnt always mean its a fact. Where do YOU get YOUR facts?? Even handed CBS? Straight Down the Middle ABC? Katie Couric on NBC? Maybe the Always Fair PBS? NYT? LAT? Wash Post? Bos Globe? I understand they are just local papers but they are the base for the "drivel" you tout. I can see where your coming from, I just think your wrong. Your apparent superiority commlex disallows you the ability to even phathom my thought process other than making some sinister, untoward intimation. Carter did what I said he did. We can debate the seriousness of it, not whether he did or didnt. And yeah, if we had only listened to Jimmy carter the world would bein so much better shape. Remember, Jimmy Carters Powerful Democrat Party ran congress completely untill 1994, there wasnt a law passed that wasnt supported by a heck of a lot of enviornmentally "friendly" Democrat Congressman and woemen. Your commentary on the domestic woes are the usual but I bet you would be hard pressed to back any of that rhetoric with an unbiased fact. Alot of the troops don't feel trapped, and to your dismay even support and understand whats at stake. As for your fears the sky is falling I suggest a remedial geology class and read something other than your "usual" and maybe go hmmm. but not untill you take that geology class. Get a sence of what the Earth has done, is doing, and with or without humans at all will do in the future barring an asteroid collision. haha Drive a hummer feed a terrorist? I say denegrating the US Military and President and all of its goals in the foreign press by US Representatives and Ex-Presidents might be this side of legal, but it goes much farther feeding a terrorist than a tamk of gas in a hummer. All I did was state a fact seeing Kerry's words used by Al Jazeera. I am more than aware he was a Vet. Of Vietnam I think. You brought all the other suff up. Which is though also fact. The seriousness of what he said it could be debated. Not the fact he said those nasty things. Again you brought all that up. Calling bush a deserter is as fair as me calling Kerry a Commie Sympathizer for his actions after the war. Notice other than to prove that point I was not the one with the "coke head", "deserter" type adjectives to describe bitter, disgraced, failed ex-presidents in my "diatribe". I even went so far as to state at one point "in my opinion" (to remind it was just that) which you give out freely in your musings as fact or at least imply they are. As far as convincing anyone, I just was giving my OPINION! Geez you seem to be the one trying to CONVINCE someone of something, and near violence if your not taken seriously! ; ) ... I am rhetoric filled but have the ability to imagine their could be another opinion and at full moons and total eclises can even manage to rationally engage in an exchange of ideas... yes even with those i disagree with. I will concede your not gonna change... If you concede I am not gonna change (without calling me a mother f-ing nazi) and we duel from there. there are actually well meaning, thoughtful people out here who think your completely insane but that shouldnt impede or ability to remain civil. Lastly my links are just that, my links, not the cure for cancer or a gauge of how in tune I am they are just good to read. Bill Gertz is respected, and so is Frank Gaffney, and drudge is just drudge. You need to back off the meds or simply lighten up. the irony is in the name idiot.

2:07 AM  

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