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Friday, February 18, 2005

WSJ Poll Says Americans Want Democrats to Take Stand, Oppose Bush and Republican Policies
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Morning. Good news on the homefront in regards to the Democratic Party and how the people of this country want Democrats to conduct themselves, in relation to the Republican Party. In short, the people want us to stand up and resist those bastards...to take a stand and fight. Allow me to digress for a second. The picture above is of one of my heroes, Col. Joshua L. Chamberlain, leading the troops of the 20th Maine at Little Round Top during the Battle of Gettysburg. His efforts saved the Union that July day 1863 by not allowing the Confederates to seize the high ground at Little Round Top and thus flank the Union line; which would have allowed Lee's forces to attack the Union forces from behind and quite possibly leave the Confederates in charge of the field. You see, we Democrats must emulate Col. Chamberlain and his 20th Maine by holding the high ground and not allowing the Republcians to flank us, roll us up and take this country who-knows-where. This recently released Wall Street Journal poll illustrates what many of us believed to be true, and now we have hard data to support our contention. Here is the link,

http://online.wsj.com/article/0,,SB110868715286858486,00.html?mod=politics%5Fsecondary%5Fstories% (you may need to register to check it out, but it's worth it).

Here's a portion of the poll that gets to the crux of the matter: "...fully 60%, including one-fourth of Republicans, say Democrats in Congress should make sure Bush and his party 'don't go too far.' Just 34% want Democrats to 'work in a bipartisan way' to help pass the president's priorities." Fellow Democrats, the American people want the Democratic Party to show some steel, flex our collective muscle and take the battle to the Republicans. All this talk about "bipartisanship" is horse manure, it doesn't make sense...that's not how it's supposed to work. Bipartisanship is, in a sense, un-American. The whole point is to have a system of "checks and balances" among the legislative, executive and judicial branches. This also includes (even though political parties are not referred to in the Constitution, they are a natural outcome of this country's political processes) political parties in which different mind-sets and philosophies compete, in a great civil exercise that isn't supposed to allow any one philosophy to get too out of hand and dominate. Of course, that is exactly what's going on now, with one political ideology dominating the other. This is not healthy for any republic, let alone OUR republic and the American people know this. This poll gives us, as Democrats, our marching orders in terms of how we should behave (our "ROE" or "Rules of Engagement", if you will) when it comes to the GOP. We should resist, agitate and attack, attack, attack! Here are three ideas off the top of my "grape" ("grape" is one's head in Marine-speak). FIRST, we must EMPHASIZE the fact that Democrats are strong when it comes to national defense and squash the nonsense idea that Democrats are somehow soft on defense. Presenting the facts will neutralize that attack tactic, as it so often does. Trumpet and celebrate Democrats that have served our country in uniform, Democrats that are war veterans. Numerous examples abound, i.e., Sen. Max Cleland, Sen. Daniel Inouye, Sen. Bob Kerrey, Gen. Wesley Clark, President Carter, Vice-President Al Gore, Sen. Tom Daschle, political activist Ron Kovic, Rep. Ron Dellums, President Kennedy, Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, etc, etc, etc. Juxtapose this to the sheer lack of vets/combat vets in the Republican ranks (so-called "hawks") , i.e., Dick Cheney, Tom Delay, Saxby Chambliss, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Rick Santorum, etc. . In short, call these mothers out!!! Hit them in their weakness…the truth…and hit them hard! SECOND, Democrats must have a vision, a “high point on the mountain”, and point to it, a la JFK (the New Frontier), LBJ (the Great Society), etc. Inspire the nation; get the country excited about something more than "American Idol" and reality television. Nation wants to be inspired, just hasn’t been. THIRD, it is crucial that we get the message out that Bush and this White House are average and that the American people deserve better; that we, as Democrats, know they are intelligent, brilliant, and deserve more than to have the leader of their nation feeding them “sugar water and baby food”; that we, as Democrats, know they “can eat solid food, and are ready for solid food”. Also, convey to the American people that pandering to the least common denominator on just about everything is not only talking down to them, but it is preventing them from reaching their highest potential as citizens and as a nation. In summary, our approach should be to raise expectations rather than lower them. This line of attack will force the President to play on the field of higher expectations; of course, Bush and his people will viciously and aggressively resist this and try to spin everything back to the level where they are most comfortable, the level of lowered expectations. But if we keep up a “constant rate of fire”, it is my belief that Bush/the Republicans will be forced to fight in our arena of high expectations…and that’s where we can defeat them, on the battlefield of high(er) expectations!. Alright, those are my thoughts. Take it easy. Semper Fidelis


Blogger this we'll defend said...

Yes, we should fight. But on a separate note, Chamberlain is also one of my heroes.

Did you know (you probably do) of his role at Appatomattox Court House? The officer in charge of receiving the confederate colors was none other than Gen. Joshua Chamberlain, U.S.A. He also was the man who ordered the U.S. Army color guard to present arms to the army of northern Virginia in honor of their brave and intense, though incredibly misguided, struggle.

I think it is interesting that the most ardent Bush supporters, the ones who consider themselves the "most patriotic," are the ones most likely to possess a rebel flag and view those who fought in the confederate army as heroes. I attended school in the South, and I used to revel in telling "rebels" that Gen. Lee had committed treason, or that I was a member of the "Union" army. Because, in fact, I was - the United States Army.

When our republic finally ends it will be the ones waving the flag most ardently who are the ones destroying it. Just as Caesar ended the Roman Republic while proclaiming his allegiance to Rome. But that time is not yet, as the example of Chamberlain at Gettysburg shows. He saw what needed to be done and did it. We know what we need to do, and we must do it. We MUST win the next election or it may be too late. And we win by changing the public debate, by going on the attack, by standing up for what we believe in, and by not letting the extremist radical right control the national conversation. Stop letting them call the tune. Stop dancing to it. When the question our patriotism we mustn't act defensive and try and proclaim our patriotism. We should attack back. Don't say "I'm a patriot too!" in a whiny voice. Say "Why are you hurting America? Why do you hate our American values so much? Why do you think it patriotic to disagree with the Constitution and our Founding Fathers? Why do you hate freedom?"

Put them on the defensive. Take the initiative. Let's not just hold the line, as Chamberlain did, but let's attack and retake American soil, as Grant did. Let's start the 2006 campaign NOW.

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