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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

State of the Union Address 2005 Posted by Hello
The President's State of the Union Address was good. He was obviously basking in the glory of the past weeks events in Iraq, as well as, his surprising (yet, anemic) re-election in November. However, the Democratic leadership did not disappoint and did rise to the occasion as the "loyal opposition"; especially when Democratic members started booing and grumbling when the President went into sales-pitch mode, trying to sell his awful Social Security reform plan to the American people. In all the years of watching State of the Union Addresses, I have never seen such a display of resistance against a sitting President DURING an actual address. It ws truly motivating. As one of the pundits noted, it was like something you would see in the British Parliament, but not here in the United States...but it did happen. It was really good to see that our Democratic leadership actually sounded off and resisted the GOP steamroller and for all to see! The President also mentioned Syria and Iran, effectively putting them on notice just like he did Saddam Hussein in the 2003 State of the Union Address...and we were all over him like white on rice about three months later. So, chances are we'll be hitting Iran or Syria (or both) over the next 3-5 months. The question begs, you and what army Mr. President? Our forces are over-extended, perhaps even hyper-extended. In fact, there are reports inkling out that the Marine Corps did not reach its recruiting goals for the month of January! This is unheard of...I mean, I've never heard of the Marine Corps NOT reaching its recruiting goals, I mean never. If the Marines are having a hard time getting people, then that means even the most dedicated and hard-bitten patriots out there are having a hard time warming up to this thing. In deed, the most touching moment of the speech was when the parents of Sgt. Byron Norwood, USMC (a Marine that was killed in action during the Battle of Fallujah) were honored by all in the joint session. It was almost too much when all the Marines in the chamber stood at the p.o.a. (position of attention) when the letter about Sgt. Norwood was read. The look on his mother's face...even now I get chills. The sacrifice of that family, like so many others, must never be forgotten. Never hate the warrior, but do hate the war and the horrible foreign policy that has placed us in one heck of a jam. Again, in my opinion, the speech was good. The GOP had their pep rally. It's over. The battle for the future of the nation begins in earnest tomorrow. Semper Fidelis


Blogger merlallen said...

It was only a speech. Remember Mars? Has Bush actually accomplished any good thing in over 4 years? I mean for the average American, not the donor class. I ask every one I know who voted for Bush to name just one thing he's done for America. Not a single answer yet. Most of them just don't talk to me anymore.

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