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Monday, February 14, 2005

Remember When "Warrior Intellectualism" Was Rewarded In This Country?Posted by Hello
Hey everybody. I'm still getting over whatever it was that had me in a "hurt locker" big time on Thursday. Whatever the pathogen was, it tried to mount a counterattack on Friday and Saturday. Damn near succeeded, but glad to report that it did not take hold. It might have been food poisoning (like I said on my last post) or it could be the flu or who knows what. All I know is that I've just been taking it easy for the last few days. I did get out there and PT this morning (not strenuously, but I did "double-time"). Wasn't as strong as usual, but I'll build back. However, while in my sick bed, I did watch Howard Dean become chariman of DNC on Saturday. It was awesome. Hopefully he'll lead us in the right direction, be aggressive and stick it to the Republicans every chance he gets! Talking about being aggressive and sticking it to the GOP, the photo above is of General Wesley Clark receiveing the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Bill Clinton. I was a big Clark fan during the primaries, and I still am a big Wesley Clark fan. In fact, I'm hoping he'll run again in 2008. Clark is simply awesome, a true "warrior intellectual". There was a time when warrior intellectuals like General Clark and General Shinseki, et. al were listened to, even rewarded for their intellectual insights instead of "canned", "pink- slipped" or gagged. We are now living in an era of gross self-delusion. For example, General Shinseki told the truth to power when he said it would take more troops on the ground (in Iraq) to secure that country than the White House cared to admit, and (shock of all shocks) they didn't listen. Now, as a direct correlation, so many are suffering unneeded consequences because so few did not want to listen or adhere to the truth. Folks, warrior-intellectualism is clearly under attack. With that said, today's topic is how the Democratic Party MUST incorporate the ethos of warrior-intellectualism into their progressive socio-political matrix. As Democrats we are wanting (in a nutshell) a country that is "more like Athens, less like Sparta and Rome". Creating a culture and society of inclusion, and not exclusion,…this is our mission. The core of the liberal philosophy is a frame of mind indicative of progressive government in the image of Athens as opposed to that of fanatically martial governments like Sparta and imperial Rome. More like Aeschylus and Themistocles, less like Sparta’s Lysander, and Rome’s Caesar, and Antony. The vision is this: the United States as a light on the hill, a symbol of hope, for all the world to see. The world will ask, “Behold, what is that brightness shining on the hill?”. We want the answer to be: like Athens before, and in the spirit of Plato’s Republic, sits the United States of America…a beacon and example for the whole of humanity to observe with admiration. This is our overall objective and aspiration. The question is simply: where do we want our country to be philosophically and how do we want it to behave at the dawn of this new century? We don’t want to be a monolithic world power like the ancient Roman Empire (remember: the imperial phase was Rome’s last phase), a powerful military juggernaut that causes the whole globe to tremble with fear. Instead, we want to be that greatest of civilizations; a civilization that bestows and pays tribute to the finer qualities of mankind and the finer characteristics of humanity and human civilization; a civilization that exalts the arts, the wonders of the human mind, and (as Lincoln put it) “…the better angels of our nature…”. Make no mistake, today there are factions within our country that live to laud the temperament and ethos evocative of an imperial state such as ancient Sparta and Rome, and (at the same time) want to demonize the progressive ideals and enlightened qualities the founders of our country embraced. Thus, we must confront these conservative/autocratic elements every step of the way and not allow them to drag us into an abyss of militarism, nationalism and fascism. We, as progressive Democrats, are obliged to resist them. This is our charge. Take care. Semper Fidelis


Blogger moderate said...

Right on, Marine! Give those chickenshit assholes what they can't stand...the truth! (think I heard that in a movie)

Semper Fi and thanks for the kind comments.

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