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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Iwo Jima: 19 February 1945 - 26 March 1945 Posted by Hello
Greetings and salutations to all. This is a special day; not only for "jarheads" the world over (and, quite frankly, this is a special day for any and all marines of nations that have a corps of marines or naval infantry. This was one of the greatest amphibious assaults in recorded human history) but it should be a special day for ALL Americans. Sixty years ago this morning, at 0830 hours, the first wave of eventually 30,000 Marines of the Third, Fourth and Fifth Marine Divisions under the Fifth Amphibious Corps, assaulted the beaches of Iwo Jima under a murderous base of fire laid down by the islands Japanese defenders, a well dug-in and motivated force of 22,000 strong. The United States would prevail, but not after a haevy cost. As a result of the battle, the United States gained control of the island (which was of paramount strategic importance due to Iwo's proximity to Japan's main islands) and its airfields, thus allowing Allied air forces to batter the heck out of the Japanese home islands, which (of course) culminated in the surrender of the Japanese Empire on 2 September 1945, thus ending World War II .The famous flag raising on Mt. Surabachi, captured forever by AP photograper Joe Rosenthal, occured on 23 February 1945; but the battle was not officially over until 26 March 1945, when Iwo Jima was declared "secure". Iwo Jima was the only battle of World War II where the Marine Corps lost more fighters than the enemy (KIA and WIA): 7,000 Marines killed in action, 19,000 Marines wounded in action for a total of 26,000 Marine casualties; compared to 21,800 Japanese killed and wounded in action. Marine Lance Corporal Daniel J. Redding has an excellent article in "The Scout", Camp Pendleton's public affairs reader, concerning the battle, it's importance and how the legacy of this great battle continues to reverberate through time. Check it out, the link is: http://www.cpp.usmc.mil/scout/articles/feb%2017/focus.asp . Just to give you an idea of the intensity of the struggle that began on the island sixty years ago today: over a quarter of the Medals of Honor awarded to Marines in World War II were given for conduct in the invasion of Iwo Jima. This is a day to be remembered. Semper Fidelis


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