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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Is the DMZ About to Get Hot? Posted by Hello
There have been rumours swirling throughout the American press (but especially in foreign newsrooms abroad) for some time now that the DPRK, or, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (a/k/a North Korea) is a regime that is barely on life-support and is actually on the verge of collapse. Rumor (which is scuttlebutt or intelligence, depending on how you look at it) has it that it's leader, Kim Jong Il, has been sacked by a contingent of hardline party honchos and hawk military officers. He hasn't been taken "all the way out" so to speak, but he has been neutralized in such a way that has seriously compromised his authority. When I say on the verge of collapse, I mean that Kim Jong Il's birthday is officially celebrated on February 16; on that day every intelligence gathering entity (as well as anyone concerned with foreign affairs, military policies, the direction of the United States, etc.) is going to be straining its neck looking in the direction of Pyongyang to see what is up with “Dear Leader” (as he is known throughout North Korea). The link below is a Times (probably the UK's best newspaper) article discussing the serious nature of this distinct possibility, that North Korea is on edge of meltdown:


If this is true, than this is a situation straight out of Larry Bond's book, Red Phoenix. I mean the myriad of ways this thing could turn should make your hair stand on end. The best case scenario (in my opinion) is that North Korea, vis-a-vis Kim Jong-Il, participates in the six-party talks (in good faith) and agrees to take what they can take, and go quietly into the night (defanged and non-belligerent) with some kind of reunification between North and South Korea on the glorious horizon...the happy end to a crisis that has lasted for over half a century. The worst case scenario is that the North Koreans, feeling trapped, cornered, frustrated and angry, decide to "go for the gusto" and go down swinging, i.e., sneak attack over the 38th Parallel just like Kim Il-Sung (Kim Jong Il's father) did in June 1950. A scenario that will make the Iraq campaign look like a tupperware party....we're talking bloodbath of staggering proportions (this is not hyperbole, every military scientist, military officer, analyst worth his or her salt would agree...this is common knowledge. A Second Korean War would be a human tragedy of epic proportions). You see, the North Koreans have done this before, the only question is would they do it again? We are right on the precipice, in terms of being over-extended as a military power and being able or unable to project our military force in an effective manner. The neocons and their chickenhawk minions have brought us to a place where we are rolling the international dice and hoping we don't get snake-eyes. This thing could swing either way and the current Administration are the folks that got us here. The U.S. Army's 2nd Infantry Division is in Korea (South Korea specifically), and they represent the main U.S. ground combat element on the peninsula (with the 3rd Marine Division not too far away on Okinawa)...but, unfortunately they are considered a "speed bump", just an impediment that would give us time to get a good build-up of troops into the theatre (and believe me, the troops that make up the 2nd I.D. know this). It seems to me that we are more vulnerable in terms of extreme over-extension of U.S. forces than ever before in our nations history. This new year of 2005 is turning out to possibly be a year of unprecedented military activity (at least since World War II)...wave after wave of U.S. military action from Iraq to Iran to Syria to North Korea to who knows where else. Semper Fidelis


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