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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

G.O.P., also known as, Grand Old Pollyanna's Posted by Hello
Morning all. I'd like to comment on the historic Iraqi elections that came to pass this past Sunday. Gee whiz, it was really something to see emboldened "Republican pollyanna's" (bespectacled in their favorite rose-colored glasses) twisting and turning, hitting the ground running, just gushing on and on, blathering ad nauseum on the boob tube, the radio and in real life on how these elections are evocative of a new Middle Eastern political renaissance and symbolized the establishment of democracy in Iraq in particular, and the Middle East in general. Oh boy. Let me be clear: yes, the elections, without question, were a success in that Iraqi's braved the social and political firestorm they found themselves in and voted (in not trivial numbers) in spite of the tangible threats of chaos and violence in extremis. These acts of incredible courage by the Iraqi people should never be marginialized nor dismissed. However, what happened this past Sunday must not be over-hyped with hyperbole and miscalculation (like Republicans are prone to do, i.e. "yellow cake" in Africa, WMD's in Iraq, smoking gun that will be a mushroom cloud, etc., etc.) . Republican operatives and their wingnut allies went into over-drive following the Iraqi elections, spinning unsubstantiated claims of voter participation in the realm of 65%-70%. There were even stratospheric claims of Iraqi voter turnout equalling, if not surpassing, 80+%. I have learned that over-hyping is part and parcel of the GOP arsenal, utilized to suit whatever perverted agenda is in their docket, which in this case is the selling of the war (and it's consequences) to the American people. Of course, we know that the real Iraqi voter turnout figure was around the 40-45% range; no mean feat in and of itself considering, again, the fact that Iraq hasn't had a free election in over fifty years, not to mention how the region is awash and amuck in violence and quasi-anarchy. What is disturbing is how quickly the "Republican misinformation squeeze-box" went into action with a phalanx of "Republican pollyanna's" and their functionaries claiming that the Iraqi vote is proof positive that the insurrgency is over and that President Bush's policies (insofar as the Middle East and Iraq are concerned) have been validated. Not true. Have they no shame? Have they no sense of balance and clarity? Must they juice everything to fit their warped agenda? Do they not understand that this election, although inspiring and evoking much magnanimity, was simply the first step in a long process beginning with the election of representatives that then, in turn, must create and ratify a constitution and elect a president? In terms of how this relates to history, I'll reference the below link:


And we all know how that turned out. We must be careful not to over-hype what transpired on th ground in Iraq a few days ago, we must not allow these "Republican pollyanna's" to blow this totally out of proportion and distort the true reality of the political situation on the ground in Iraq and the region as a whole. Like Anonymous wrote in his book "Imperial Hubris" (using a metaphor related to our Civil War), "...we are a long way from Appomattox". Semper Fidelis


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Hey you must be a mindreader. The first thing I thought when I saw your blog title was "there are liberal Marines?" I knew Marines that could be reasoned with, but liberal. Hmmm. Well I look forward to reading your posts.

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