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Friday, February 04, 2005

cc: Lt.Gen. Mattis/This is Not My Idea of Fun Posted by Hello
Greetings to all. The photo above is that of a group of Marines mouring the loss of one of their buddies in Iraq sometime last year. Mourning the loss of a comrade in arms, a young man or woman in the prime of their lives, a buddy...remembering their smiles, their jokes, their hopes and their dreams in the saddest of circumstances. Clearly one can see and appreciate the pain and sadness in this picture. If not, I'd have to question your humanity and (more to the point) your sanity. You see, this is not fun. Hey, Lt. Gen. Mattis,...THIS IS NOT FUN. After watching how the story of Lt. General Mattis, USMC "more than putting his foot in his mouth" is gaining steam in the American and foreign press (as we all knew it would), I thought a comment was in order. The press is reporting that the Commandant of the Marine Corps General Hagee, the highest ranking officer in the Marine Corps, has "counseled" (Marine speak for "tore him a new one") Lt. Gen. Mattis for his poor word choice and bad taste. Check out the link below for more on this latest development:


First let me say this, I have no doubt in my military mind that Lt. General Mattis is a patriot that loves his country. Lt. General Mattis has been called a "Marine's Marine", a hardcharger of the first order that has more than demonstrated his bravery and courage on fields of battle. He has devoted his life to serving our country and he has given his all in that noble endeavour. And therein lies the tragedy. You see, the general's remarks aren't that surprising for those of us who have served in the Corps. The disturbing truth is that there are many in the FMF (Fleet Marine Force) that share the general's sentiments. But, that is the case in any military organization (especially in any elite military organization, i.e., the French Foreign Legion, Navy SEALS, British SAS, etc.). There will always be members of those organizations that have either a death-wish, a blood-lust or both (definitely watch out for the latter personality!). See that's the deep dark secret of these elite, highly-sharpened military organizations; there is an underlying (and pervasive) culture of death just below the surface that sometimes violently gushes upwards, like a geyser, for all to see and gasp in horror. Lt. Gen. Mattis's remarks, although callous, insensitive and jarring (especially to those who haven't been in the organization), actually aren't too far from the truth in terms of the consensus of more than a significant number within the organization (hence the lack of any serious punishment doled out by the Corps). What is really disturbing is how the lieutenant general's comments join a litany of other poorly parsed comments by senior U.S. military officials that are undermining our attempts at "winning the hearts and minds" (to use Vietnam-era parlance) of our adversaries. We are repeatedly stumbling and bumbling, stepping on our rhetorical cranks (so to speak), and then (with stunning naivete) wondering why the Muslim world is so enraged with us. Folks, as long as we continue to undermine our own efforts by "shooting-off-our-mouths" with bad word choices, warped opinions and having a very poor understanding of our Muslim opponents then we will continue to have an extremely long way to go before we win this "Global War on Terrorism". Semper Fidelis


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind complements about my blog.

I have to agree with most of your thoughts about Gen. Mathis. The remarks were totally uncalled for, especially by an officer of his rank at a public forum. He deserved to have a "new one torn."

12:16 PM  
Blogger lonelyshade said...

Glad the Marine Corps doesn´t play politic games.


Cause accusing him was nothing but Politic Games.
He said what he believed , and he didn´t mean any harm.
A bit like Patton .

6:47 AM  
Blogger David said...

I would be interested in your thoughts about Retired Maj. Robert Scales' opinion piece in the Washington Times on this episode:


4:44 PM  
Blogger patriot76 said...

Very simplistic my friend. As a fellow Marine officer, I offer this perspective: War is the execution of justice on the state level. If Warriors were, as you imply, to walk around and carry out mission continually grim-faced due to the gravity of their endeavor, surely morale would only dwindle into despair. How can one handle such death? Your picture is exactly the reason LtGen Mattis and other warriors' (to include myself) "callous, insensitive and jarring" disposition is present.
To say that our nations' warriors should distance themselves from the pleasure in offering their part in executing justice is simply blind detachment. First, understand our enemy. Most have murdered, raped and enslaved a people for years.. remove yourself from the comfort of your American life for a minute, and really picture that. Who would not take some pleasure in placing a well aimed shot through the head of Bin-Laden, or Hussein? Is that callous? Or the thoughts of one who's conscience is actually informed and alive? I suggest the latter. You want to see callous/ insensitive? STUDY THE ENEMY.. their mission, their intent. They wouldn't think twice of killing our sisters, mothers, daughters, if it meant the furtherance of their cause.. and that doesn't even break the surface.
Thank God for leaders like Gen Mattis, and to others with a mindset similar to the author's, I'd sincerely suggest doing some heavy research on the enemies we face, and again, breaking out of our comfortable living arrangements for just a moment.. do we need more destruction to land on our front step to regain our resolve?

11:20 AM  

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