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Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Bush Administration, German Town Hall Meetings and the Future of the Democratic Party Posted by Hello
Morning to all. This is an unusually late entry for me, in that I'm "up and at 'em" around 0530 hrs. I was able to PT this morning, but then an emergency situation came up that had to be dealt with. I'm glad to report that the situation is no longer an emergency, thus allowing me to make my daily post. As everyone knows, the President (and his principal aides) are taking a European "working-vacation". The official mission being to mend those damaged fences that were scuttled during the prelude to the unwarranted invasion of Iraq. Especially, those Franco-German fences that were badly maligned by those knuckle-dragging, conservative-fascist neanderthals that dominate right-wing media (not french fries they blared,..."freedom fries"..., give me a break). "Der Spiegel" (which means "The Mirror" in German, f.y.i.) is Germany's biggest and most influential weekly magazine in print. The news magazine is a well-respected and well-regarded piece of journalism throughout Europe as well as the world. Have no doubt, "Der Spiegel" is a critically significant piece of solid journalism. "Der Spiegel" is reporting that President Bush recently "back-pedalled" with a ferocity unprecedented in American politics and cancelled a much planned for German town hall meeting when it was discovered by the "Bush-ites" that the town hall meeting would be unscripted; in other words, real Germans would be asking the President real questions. And as we all know, frankness, earnestness and candidness are not virtues that are upheld in "Bush world"...just too messy. Read more about it, in depth at the following link: http://service.spiegel.de/cache/international/0,1518,druck-343281,00.html. Is it just me, or is it really disturbing and disappointing to think that our President, the leader of the Free World, is so unwilling (or perhaps, psychologically unable) to entertain any kind of criticism; that he would bow-out of a town hall meeting with the citizens of a close ally simply because they were going to ask him impromptu and spontaneous questions instead of questions that were pre-produced and prepared for? What kind of a weak and immature mind are we dealing with? I remember watching the President squirm all over the place during the first debate with John Kerry. His squirming, and his obnoxious petulance were almost too disturbing to watch. It was as if he believed himself above reproach or reproof of any type of constructive criticism. Gee whiz, can you imagine Truman doing something like that? Or, FDR, or LBJ, or even Eisenhower for that matter? I certainly can't. When are we going to have a REAL president again? It stands to reason that the American people are going to reach a tipping point of becoming so sick and tired of being patronized, and so sick and tired of the pre-preprocessed and pre-approved Republican presidencies that they will be eagerly looking forward to the return of the healing balm-like spontaneity of the Democrats; the American people will be hungering for the freshness of progressive Democratic philosophies and ideas and gladly give the Democrats another try at the executive branch in 2008. I can't wait. Take care. Semper Fidelis


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