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Friday, February 11, 2005

Are We on the Brink of a Second Korean War? Posted by Hello
Hey everybody. Wish the report today could be that I'm feeling good, but that's a negative. Whoo-boy, had a really bad bout with a stomach virus (or food poisoning) yesterday. I mean this devildog was hurting! I did eat at a well-known restaurant chain (you all know the name of the restaurant chain, but I better not identify them just in case) on Tuesday morning. However, this one turned out to be a "greasy spoon". Then, Thursday morning, the festivities began in all of their glory. I was doubled over the "porcelain throne" as it were. In fact, that was the "position of the day" for most of the day. *Whew*. Still hurting, but not as badly as yesterday. Be advised: be careful what and where you eat...it can make a big difference. Thanks for suffering my tirade; now, on to the topic of the day. Thursday was a big news day, especially with the big story coming out of the DPRK...the North Koreans admit to having "the bomb". Question: what are the implications of this announcement? Well, it's pretty well known (throughout those circles that are interested) that the North Koreans have been a nuclear power for sometime now, at least for a couple of years. What the North Koreans did yesterday is ratchet-up the pressure concerning the issue of nuclear proliferation on the Korean peninsula by ADMITTING they are a nuclear power, in full view of the whole world, and thus throwing the gauntlet down and putting the "military-ball" squarely in the Bush Administration's court. The current Adminstration has unfortunately dared two of this country's most formidable enemies (Iran and North Korea) and, unfortunately, both countries seem to be calling our bluff. If you'll allow me to digress, it seems like the North Koreans are hell-bent to personify the chorus from that old rock song "Hair of the Dog" by the group Nazareth (for all those that don't know, the chorus is "...now you're messing with a son of a bi**h..."). Now, the photo above is actually a picture of Chinese Marines (not North Korean Marines) storming a beachhead during a Chinese CAX (Combined Arms Exercise)/amphibious exercise(s). China is North Korea's main ally (an affinity between two Asian, socialist states that share an antagonism with the West and especially with the United States), and it is not outside the realm of possibility (in my opinion) that China would "assist" the DPRK if tensions between the United States and North Korea escalate even further and spiral off into war (just like China did when they poured over the Yalu River during the Korean War of 1950-1953). Listen up: the North Koreans have a tough army folks, a fanatical army that would be a "hard nut to crack", to be sure. It would finally be cracked, but not after a terribly tremendous cost. The North Koreans will certainly not, in the words of the poet Dylan Thomas, go gentle into that good night. Like I said in an earlier post, war on the Korean peninsula would make the Iraq War look like a tupperware party. This is an extremely serious situation. The North Koreans, just like the rest of the world (and everybody else that is paying some semblance of attention to current events) knows that the present state of the U.S. Armed Forces is (in a word) overextended. Like they say south of the Mason-Dixon Line, the United States has "bitten off more than it can chew". And the whole world knows it. Positing the North Koreans on an "axis of evil" was a mistake, in my opinion. A rhetorical and policy misstep that has placed us where we are today...at the doorstep of potential warfare on the Korean peninsula; and I'm not really convinced that the current Administration has any real ideas to rectify this highly combustible situation that are not warfare related. In short, the neocons "double-dared" the North Koreans a couple of years go; and the answer the North Koreans seem to be giving back is "bring it on". Semper Fidelis


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