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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Take Heart...Democratic Resurgence on the Horizon Posted by Hello
As I was taking in all of the Sunday talk shows this morning, intellectually absorbing all of the information (especially from Senator John F. Kerry, he was awesome! How this guy lost the election is beyond me?!?)...an epiphany. We are quite probably at the very beginning of a new Democratic resurgence, a Democratic revolution. In a nutshell, the Republicans are at the helm, I mean in total control. They have the "trifecta", as Bush likes to call it. But, they are showing their collective asses, especially when they tried to retool the ethics rules in the House (simply outrageous) and by the way they are driving the country into a ditch (domestic and foreign policy wise). All the while, the American people are watching all of this unfold before their eyes. There is an extremely good chance that 2008 could be like FDR in 1932, the American people (having tasted the GOP goods) are so fed up and disillusioned that they hand the power over to the Democrats for a generation (in terms of the White House and Congress). So thorough was the disillusionment that "Republican" and "GOP" were synonomous with curse words. The American people will once again call upon our party to clean up the huge mess created by the gross irresponsibility (back then domestic policy related, this time both domestic and foreign policy related) . I believe that day is upon us again. Let them have their "fun" for now (at our expense, unfortunately). However, the republic will survive this assault, this dirge of American anti-intellectualism will not triumph!!! In fact, the republic is desperately waiting for that new day to come. And, believe me that new day WILL come. Now is the time for the Democratic Party to take a deep breath, refit and retool, because our time is right around the corner! Keep the faith. Semper Fidelis


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