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Friday, January 28, 2005

The Price a/k/a You Can Never Get This Back

The Price Posted by Hello
What is happening? Why are good Americans allowing this to continue? How many professional military people will it take to explain to the American people that this military campaign in Iraq is as bankrupt as they come? How many generals, experts in the art of war and warfare prosecution, will it take? Officers with "Ph.D's in warfare and warfighting", so to speak. Generals, such as Generals Clark, Shalikashvili, Shinseki, McPeak, McCaffrey, Trainor, Conway, et.al. have all expressed their concerns over the fundamental flaws they see (these are military professionals, GENERAL OFFICERS folks!!!) in this warped campaign of oil lust, global hegemony, and empire-quest all wrapped in the illusion of "seeking Iraqi democracy". Is there any sensitivity or historical understanding, cultural understanding within the halls of the Bush, Jr. White House that democracy is actually an anathema to Islam? That it isn't something you can just transplant? Even General Powell has hinted that he has serious misgivings concerning the execution of the Iraqi Campaign. This "don't-worry-be-happy" horseshit philosophy that the GOoPers love to relish in just won't cut it! People are dying! Troops are coming home with amputations...maimed for life! Scarred emotionally, as well as physically! And for what? Are we REALLY winning? Does it really look like we're winning this thing? This is a foreign policy blunder of epic proportions, with the good warriors on the ground (the ones actually in the AO, or Area of Operations) trying to fix a problem that was busted from the get-go. Folks, this will probably go down in the annals of military history as one the largest military blunders in the history of this country. Something to think about. Semper Fidelis


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