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Monday, January 31, 2005

Halliburton Pulling Out of Iran...We All Know What This Means Posted by Hello
Got a hold of this bit of information from the BBC late last night, the link is as follows:


Folks, there is no doubt in my military mind that this is the single best indicator that "bombs over Tehran" is not only a matter of time, but is, in fact, imminent. In short, imminent means attacks on the Islamic Republic of Iran (or, IRI) will commence early this year. Halliburton, that greedy little company (well, in fact, greedy BIG company) that not only has made hundreds of millions (if not billions) of dollars in war profits but is also the favorite of neocons (especially Vice-President Dick Cheney) and conservatives all over the country, is pulling up stakes and "getting out of Dodge" (or in this case, Iran). As we all know, the situation in the Middle East is tenuous at best (conflagarated by the U.S. invasion of Iraq), but believe me, this imminent strike on Iran (albeit justified due to their determined effort to capture the "weaponized nuclear genie" and how that effort and its culmination is certainly a threat to the security of the state of Israel) will do nothing but exacerbate an already shaky situation. Remember, Iranians are not Arabs, they are in fact Persians and they speak Farsi and not Arabic. Moreover, they fought a long and bloody war with their Arab neighbor Iraq (1980-1988), an eight year war of attrition in which no love was lost between the two countries. One must also remember that Iraq's Arab cousins, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, helped bankroll the Iraqi effort against the Iranians (with U.S. help as well in the form of what is called dual-purpose or dual-use technologies-state of the art computers, armored ambulances, chemicals, helicopter, and such, which could be used for civilian as well as military purposes. It is a matter of historical fact that a large network of U.S. companies enthusiastically contributed to the Iraqi war machine, in terms of dollars and material, right up until August 1990, when Iraq invaded Kuwait). However, Iranians are Muslims and because of this fact, know some Arabic in order to read the Koran (which is in Arabic) and thus feel some sense of kinship with Arab Muslims. But, I believe the old maxim, the enemy of my enemy is my friend will apply, and that this strike will do nothing but reinvigorate and embolden those forces arrayed against the United States in that region (and in Iraq in particular), i.e., al Qaeda, the Mujhadeen insurrgency, al Zarqawi and his elements, etc. Especially if it is a joint U.S.-Israeli strike. In short, this is a huge sh** sandwich and we're all going to have to take a bite. Semper Fidelis


Blogger merlallen said...

I'm afraid this will be the end of us. Iran is not an impoverished third world nation like Iraq. And we can't even win in Iraq.

4:40 AM  

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